News : “Guardiola lost the game”: Hamann with hard criticism of ManCity coach

News : “Guardiola lost the game”: Hamann with hard criticism of ManCity coach

“He lost the game”: Sky expert Hamann destroys Guardiola for fatal mistakes in the final

Pep Guardiola amazes once again in the Champions League final with a strange line-up and loses against Chelsea. Sky expert Dietmar Hamann sees the guilt clearly with Guardiola, whom he predicts a “huge loss of trust” within the team.

Pep Guardiola fails to prove that he can win the Champions League outside of Barcelona. Ten years after his second and so far last triumph in the premier class (both with Barca against Manchester United), he is defeated in his first final with Manchester City, 0: 1 (0: 1) against Thomas Tuchel’s FC Chelsea.

The star coach amazes with a strange choice of personnel and tactics, as he – once again in a decisive game – completely changes the direction of his team.

The experiment goes totally wrong. “He lost the game today, there is no question about that,” criticized ex-professional Dietmar Hamann sharply at Sky.

Guardiola under attack for City lineup against Chelsea

Guardiola puts the sixs Rodri and Fernandinho on the bench, puts Kevin de Bruyne – arguably the best eighth in the world – as a disguised center forward and lets five to six offensive players attack extremely high in the initial phase. Ilkay Gündogan arranges the game in the central midfield, at the same time he should be the first protection for the defensive.

So much for the theory, which goes beyond the norm in Guardiola’s head man – a phenomenon from Bavaria’s times. When Kai Havertz hits a goal (43rd minute), there is a monster gap in the airy defense; the other way around, City develops exactly one chance to score in 97 minutes – in the 96th minute.

“He changes the whole dynamics and statics of his team,” complains Hamann. “You can set up six offenses, but that doesn’t mean you play offensively. You need a balance in the team, Guardiola knows that better than anyone.” Chelsea, recognizes the record international player Lothar Matthäus, has “not allowed anything at all”.

Hamann predicts Guardiola “a lot of criticism. If you don’t win a game like this with such a line-up and only one shot on goal for a team with this offensive power – then you know that something went wrong.” Rodri’s personality is particularly incomprehensible.

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“Huge loss of trust” for Guardiola “can escalate”

“He sits on the bench for 90 minutes, even though he was the key player for defensive stability this season. Rodri has played 53 competitive games and he does not play in the most important game,” says Hamann and unkt that Guardiola expect unpleasant tasks: “How do you want to continue working with a player like that? I think there will be a huge loss of trust between the players and the coach. It could escalate within three or six months. “

Guardiola apologizes rather half-baked. He said at the press conference that he had chosen “the best line-up” that he could have found.

The Catalans have long been accused of getting lost in the thicket of ideas and ideas – while striving for a perfection that will never exist.

Pep is a (misunderstood) genius, say those who mean well with him, and there are many. The others say: Despite three English championships in four years, Guardiola’s shine evaporates more and more. Out of personal negligence.

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