News : Hakansson, Kilian Jornet’s rival leading the challenge

News : Hakansson, Kilian Jornet’s rival leading the challenge

Hakansson and Kilian, in an image from the challenge preview / Instagram

As if he didn’t have enough fighting against himself and against the clock in this ‘Phantasm 24’ Challenge, Kilian Jornet is being ‘forced’ in this first leg of his attempt to achieve the 24-hour World Record on track deal with one of the participants. Because let’s not forget that it is not a challenge in which you run only for the record (in this case, for the distance), but it is a race in which there are other participants. Nobody had practically noticed them before the start of the challenge, but the truth is that when more than six hours have elapsed out of the 24 total, who leads the test and is in world record times is not only Kilian Jornet, but Norwegian Sebastian Konrad Hakansson, 31, who has a better marathon record of 2:28:15 and 1:12:29 in the average.

Leading … we’ll see how long

Very discreet numbers, but it is clear that the most influencing thing here is the resistance and being around 24 hours at a considerable pace is within the reach of a few. We do not know if it is something circumstantial or if Hakansson is really prepared and has the ropes to endure at this spectacular level for a good handful of hours more. In the last update, the Norwegian had completed 82.4 kilometers and completed 206 laps for the 80.8 and 202 laps of Kilian.. We speak of short distance when we refer to such an extremely long test, but the numbers are there. At that time, both had 5h55 ′ of travel.

Jornet, wearing his Salomon S / LAB Phantasm is running at an approximate pace of 4: 25 / km. The last 10k was done by Jornet in 47:13, while the last marathon, in 3h11 ′.

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