News : Hamann: Sky expert first dismantled Haaland – and then Borussia Dortmund

News : Hamann: Sky expert first dismantled Haaland – and then Borussia Dortmund

Sky expert with harsh criticism: Hamann first dismantles Haaland, then BVB: “Absolute cheek – unspeakable behavior”

After the 1-0 defeat against Frankfurt, Borussia Dortmund is now in the race for the Champions League with their backs to the wall. After the game, Sky expert and ex-DFB player Didi Hamann first came across Erling Haaland and his surroundings, then BVB.

Seven points behind fourth-placed Eintracht Frankfurt – BVB’s chances of participating in the Champions League in the coming season have fallen to a minimum with seven remaining games.

Sky expert Didi Hamman, who usually analyzes so objectively and with a cool head, was almost in a rage after the game.

Sky expert Hamann shoots against Haaland: “Should be happy”

“Haaland should be happy that he can play at BVB at all,” complained the ex-national player. But what had Hamann so outraged?

Just 24 hours before the game, pictures showed the father and the agent of BVB striker Erling Haaland in Barcelona – apparently during contract talks with Barca. For the “Sky” man an absolute no-go: “An absolute cheek what the father and the Haaland consultant are doing. They peddle – before such an important game!”

The teammates would eventually hear the rumors, which reduced the stability and focus of a team, said Hamman. The expert asks the Norwegian to show a clear edge: “If he wants to leave, then he should just say it.”

Hamann adds: “That’s exactly BVB’s problem”

When it was just said that Hamann had calmed down a bit, he followed it up – and buttoned up BVB.

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It was “astonishing” “that there was no reaction from Dortmund” – despite this “unspeakable behavior”. In fact, none of those responsible for BVB had resisted the pictures or criticized the behavior of the consultant – on the contrary:

“From my point of view, there is nothing wrong with the two men wanting to soak up some sun in the Mediterranean,” Michael Zorc told Sport1.

And that is exactly “BVB’s problem” – the players are given far too many rights, said Hamann. “I don’t have the harshness to address that publicly. It’s not the first time, see Dembélé or Aubameyang – and there is a reason that it always happens in Dortmund!”

Such “barriers” are a taboo – especially before a game of this kind.

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