News : Hannover 96 against SpVgg Greuther Fürth live: current scores 0: 1

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Hannover 96 against SpVgg Greuther Fürth live: current scores 0: 1

25. min

96 was about to score the goal, but then played far too easily. A double pass from Seguin and Mohr was enough to fool the back line of the Lower Saxony.

22. min

The Fürth meet out of nowhere because Hanover is too easy to counter. After the chance of Ducksch, the guests put the counterattack on the left. Seguin is not disconnected from the center line and then plays a double pass with Mohr at the penalty area. Right in the penalty area Seguin pulls directly, Anton falsifies still and Zieler can not prevent the impact so. 0: 1!

22. min

Goal for Fürth! Paul Seguin meets for the 0: 1.

21st min

Horn is released on the left wing with a nice diagonal ball. He brings the ball flat in the middle, where Ducksch is still blocked at the last second.

20 min

96 is increasingly nesting in half of the francs.

17. min

Fürth moves too far and the defense is overcome with a long ball on Teuchert. Teuchert runs alone to SpVgg keeper Burchert, but lays the ball too far forward. He still manages to spike the ball from Burchert to Ducksch, who then only hits the outside net from an acute angle on the left in the penalty area.

17. min

96 now controls the game and builds up more pressure.

15 minutes

The beats Prib sharp in front of goal, Bakalorz missed here very close.

14th min

Leweling grabs Maina and so there is free kick for Hanover from the left wing.

12. min

He will run briefly and then Florent Muslija 25 meters from the gate unlocked. He pulls off directly, but shoots left over.

11. min

Prib breaks through on the left and brings out a corner kick.

8. min

96 arrives so slowly in the game and can now solve something behind. But on the way forward there are still too many playback errors at Hannover.

4th min

Mohr comes on the left and looks for Keita-Ruel in the sixteenth, but again Franke has paid attention and clarifies.

4th min

Keita-Ruel has space left and then moves from the sixteen corner. Franke gets his foot in between and defused so the shot, goalkeeper Zieler collects the ball.

3rd min

The Fürth start very briskly for an away team, Hannover must focus on the defense.

1st min

Kick off in Hannover!

preliminary report

Referee René Rohde will lead the match.

preliminary report

SpVgg coach Stefan Leitl brings Sauer and Wittek from the start. They replace the injured Meyerhöfer and space that has to go to the spare bench.

preliminary report

Greuther Fürth starts with this team: Sascha Burchert - Maximilian Sauer, Marco Caligiuri, Mergim Mavraj, Maximilian Wittek - Hans Nunoo Sarpei - Jamie Leweling, Paul Seguin, Julian Green, Tobias Mohr - Daniel Keita-Ruel

preliminary report

Mirko Slomka puts on new signing Jannes Horn, but Miiko Albornoz has to go to the bank.

preliminary report

The lineup of Hannover 96: Ron-Robert Zieler - Julian Korb, Marcel Franke, Waldemar Anton, Jannes Horn - Marvin Bakalorz, Edgar Prib - Linton Maina, Florent Muslija - Cedric Teuchert, Marvin Ducksch

preliminary report

The Fürth succeeded by the 1-0 against Regensburg last win for the second time in a row. Julian Green scored the Golden Gate. At St. Pauli, the shamrocks showed that they can score three points away from home. 96 is therefore warned.

preliminary report

Jonathas is missing Hannover because of a torn muscle. Hendrik Weydandt, on the other hand, is back in the squad.

preliminary report

Against contractions Wiesbaden Hannover last weekend brought the first league victory of the season. Coach Mirko Slomka hopes that the 3: 0 win in Hessen, the knot at 96 has burst. With a home win, the threesome of last match day is gilded.

preliminary report

We warmly welcome you to the 2nd Bundesliga on Saturday. Hannover 96 receives Greuther Fürth.

preliminary report

Hannover 96 - SpVgg Greuther Fürth

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