News : Harrison, the phenomenon of collegiate athletics that amazes the world

News : Harrison, the phenomenon of collegiate athletics that amazes the world

Mr. Jumos, the viral phenomenon of American athletics / LSU

Within this intense and storied weekend of the United States at the NCAA College Championships, there was perhaps one name in particular that shone with its own light and whose performance dazzled the athletic world. There were other first level feats, (such as that of the Spanish Mario García Romo, who achieved a silver in the mile and a bronze in the 3,000 smooth and was 30th in the cross, all in just three days of difference) but what JuVaughn Harrison accomplished (yes, he has more of an NBA star’s name than a jumper) was simply incredible.

An unprecedented double

At 21 years old and just two hours apart between the two events, Harrison made history at the North American college championships. High jump and long jump champion was proclaimed. A feat that no one had ever accomplished before and that enacts the madness he accomplished. Harrison made personal marks on both tests: first it topped the bar by 2.30 meters first and then it reached 8.45 meters in the pit. At the height, in addition, he beat the best historical record of his university, the State of Louisiana, which was held by Tom Lange since 1992.

In length he went up to 8.45 meters Harrison (his personal best was 8.33), which marks the third best indoor record in history for an American athlete. No one had gone that far in length indoors since March 2018, when Cuban Juan Miguel Echevarría left until 8.46. “I am used to doing both tests on the same day, especially at SEC meetings.“Said Mr. Jumps, who has become a legend in college sports and is aiming very high in the near future. We’ll see if for the Tokyo Games….

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