News : Hasan Salihamidzic: Flick crisis at FC Bayern already has big losers

News : Hasan Salihamidzic: Flick crisis at FC Bayern already has big losers

Bayern power struggle is only just beginning: Salihamidzic is already a loser in the flick chaos

Hansi Flick is likely to leave FC Bayern for the DFB. The way he said goodbye causes great unrest in Munich. Sports director Hasan Salihamidzic is already a loser because he emerges weakened from the conflict. And the power struggle is only just beginning.

Instead of getting in the mood for the last few weeks of the season with satisfaction after the 3-2 win in Wolfsburg and tackling the first plans for the coming season, a lot seems to be breaking at Bayern at the moment.

During the week, those responsible met with trainer Hansi Flick, who informed them that he would like to end the collaboration in the summer. What the club did not suspect at the time: Flick would also announce this publicly after the game in Wolfsburg, although they had jointly decided to do so after the Mainz game next weekend.

The remarkable statement from the coach was followed by around 20 hours of silence from FC Bayern. Then the statement: The club disapproves of the fact that Flick did not stick to the agreements. A loud bang that was actually expected for a long time.

Things have been simmering on Säbener Strasse for weeks and months, and the conflict has now reached its provisional climax. The relationship between Flick and FC Bayern can no longer be cemented.

Flick and Salihamidzic failed because of compromises

In the social networks in particular, the case is clear: Salihamidzic, who failed in all areas, is solely responsible for the fact that the sextuple trainer leaves. However, this representation does not do justice to the complexity of the topic.

At FC Bayern, too, decisions are made over several desks. The sports director is not a dictator who deliberately plans transfers against the coach and then pushes them through on their own.

The friction between Flick and Salihamidzic is even in the nature of their roles. On the one hand the trainer who only has short and medium-term success in mind, on the other hand the sports director who strives for long-term developments and prepares them at an early stage.

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So it can be that a Jerome Boateng has to leave the club because the sports management had already made the decision to replace him in the medium term before the coach was hired. Despite good performance under Flick.

Just one of many examples. Compromises between a coach and an athletic leader are not that easy. Not in Munich, not anywhere else. The question is always how professionally and trustingly a relationship is built and whether both parties are able to find a common solution. Both Flick and Salihamidzic failed in this. Not one of them. Both.

Salihamidzic will emerge from conflict weakened

For the future, this will damage the current sports director of Bayern more than the coach. Regardless of who is responsible for which mistake, Salihamidzic will emerge weakened from this conflict.

Every decision to come will be projected onto him despite the many desks. How successful will the new trainer be? Would you have been more successful under Flick? How much is the new coach involved in the talks about the squad? These are just a few of the many questions that Salihamidzic will now have to ask.

But the most important one: Can Bayern remain competitive in Europe? This will not leave the players unaffected; they will at least ask how things can go on now without a flick. Important contracts are about to expire, and without the right perspective there is a risk of disintegration in the management team.

And for every small occasion, at least the outside of Salihamidzic’s chair will be sawed. But internally, as we know it in the football business, it can happen very quickly.

FC Bayern: Power struggle in Munich is only just beginning

The power struggle at FC Bayern is really picking up speed now. Oliver Kahn, who has been noticeably reticent in the past few weeks, will have the chance to stand out as the strong man in the power structure in the summer. Salihamidzic, on the other hand, can no longer win this fight for the time being.

There have been many mud fights in Munich. Uli Hoeneß and Karl-Heinz Rummenigge fought several small power struggles over the decades. But it was always her great strength to find her way back to the table together and make decisions for the good of the club.

The big question is whether Salihamidzic can do that too. It cannot be denied that Miroslav Klose’s allegations regarding poor communication are in his direction. If he continues to find it difficult to cut back on differences of opinion and to find compromises, this will do more harm than good to the club in the long run.

Is Salihamidzic now threatened with the Nerlinger fate?

Much is presented at the moment as if Salihamidzic is the only evil whose removal would solve all problems. This is certainly not the case. During his time at FC Bayern, he also made some positive changes in the areas of squad planning, campus and scouting.

But: Is that ultimately enough to hold this important position at a club that sets the highest standards of itself? Christian Nerlinger once left (of necessity), although he was not unsuccessful as a sports director. Salihamidzic could threaten something similar if he does not get the problems in the communicative area under control – internally as well as externally.

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