News : Hassan and the Canadian team ‘are erased’

News : Hassan and the Canadian team ‘are erased’

Sifan Hassan will not participate in the World Half Marathon

The World Half Marathon in Gdynia (Poland) begins to suffer the first setbacks when there are barely three days left until the race takes place. It is the only official competition for national teams to be played in 2020 in the COVID era and most countries have selected their highest level athletes to achieve great results on the asphalt of this Polish maritime town. The level is expected to be spectacular in both the male and female fields, but the truth is that some things can still be twisted in light of recent events.

Canada does not travel

For now, the Canadian team has already announced that will not allow its athletes to travel to Europe considering the second wave that is affecting the continent and, more specifically, to the country in question. Poland registered 5,000 new cases of coronavirus on October 13. Trevor Hofbauer, Justin Kent, Phil Parrot-Migas, Benjamin Preisner, Thomas Toth were summoned in the male sphere, while in females only Rachel Cliff had been cited.

We will see if it is the only team that backs down and does not allow its athletes to travel taking into account that there are summoned and summoned from practically all over the world.

Hassan, goodbye to one of the favorites

Another of the casualties, in this case by personal decision, is that of one of the favorites in the women’s event, the Dutch of Ethiopian origin Sifan Hassan. “It has been a difficult year, the uncertainty of the upcoming competitions was always part of my day to day. Concentrating and putting in effort every day in training is difficult, especially when you don’t know if it will be possible to perform in a competitive environment. The season was short, but the preparation was long. Thus, I decided to rest a bit and focus for the next year“, Has commented.

“I want to make sure I am in top physical and mental shape next year at the Olympics. I am very proud of my performances this season, the world time record and the European record this weekend. Those results give me wings that I can reach my full potential, also in times of uncertainty. Therefore, I look forward to next year with great confidence ”, Hassan clarifies.

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