News : Hassan falls, but ends up winning his series and keeps the triplet very alive

News : Hassan falls, but ends up winning his series and keeps the triplet very alive

Hassan rolled on the floors in his series of 1,500 / EFE

As if the challenge that Sifan Hassam has raised in the Tokyo Games (winning the Olympic titles of 1,500, 5,000 and 10,000 meters) was not already tricky, a fall in the series of 1,500 has come to complicate the challenge even more. Hassan faces a double task this Monday. In the morning, beat the first round of 1,500. Objective achieved, despite the setback. Twelve hours later, the 5,000 meter final.

The Dutchwoman was running the second series of 1,500 when, in the tumult that occurred at the ringing of the bell, with all the participants fighting for the first six places that gave direct access to the semifinals, Sifan Hassan rolled on the floor. The favorite had to sprint through the entire last lap, which she covered in 61 seconds to catch up with the group. He did it without difficulty and even won the series with a time of 4: 05.17.

Go for the 5,000 now

This same afternoon, at the end of the program, the final of 5,000 awaits him. This Sunday, had confirmed that he will compete in all three tests in search of an unprecedented Olympic triplet. Already qualified for the 5,000 final, which takes place this Monday at 9:40 p.m., Hassan faces a true marathon at the Tokyo Games, with six races in nine days.

He debuted last Friday in the first round of 5,000; this Monday he ran in the first round of 1,500 and in the afternoon the final of 5,000; on Wednesday the 4th he will be in the semi-finals of 1,500; on Friday 6th he would run the final of 1,500 and on Saturday 7th he will start in the direct final of 10,000.

The long distance runner, who came to the Netherlands at the age of 15 as a refugee from Ethiopia, has four world records in distances between the mile and 10,000 meters: mile (4: 12.33), 5 km on the road (14:44), 10,000 (29: 06.82) and the hour (18,930 meters). He also holds the European records of 1,500 (3: 51.95), 3,000 (8: 18.49), 5,000 (14: 22.12) and half marathon (1:05:15).

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