News : He jumps 5,61m in his garden!

News :

He jumps 5,61m in his garden!

Renaud Lavillenie, during one of his great jumps

The French pertiguist Renaud Lavillenie It has a garden that many of us envy. The Frenchman, one of the best in the world in this discipline, continues to give a lot of reign to training despite the confinement that he is experiencing like the vast majority of the first world swords on the athletic planet. The last madness of the Frenchman has been to achieve a tremendous jump in that plot that he has at home of 5.61 meters. To give us an idea, the World Record of the modality is in the 6.17 meters that his great rival, the young Swede ‘Mondo’ Duplantis, achieved (precisely he took it from the experienced 33-year-old athlete).

Close to your personal brand of confinement

Still, it is not the best jump Renaud has made in his history at home, since it has a limit of 5.85 meters, ceiling that you will try to reach during this isolation training at home. Day 20. Everything is under control! Tears of happiness on my face after (jumping) 5m61 today during the international competition of home confinement ”, the French pertiguista exposed on Twitter after posting the video recorded by his wife and in the presence also of his daughter.

It is the case that a few days ago it was Duplantis himself who posted some images of him training also at home and performing hordago jumps, for what seems to have begun an unwritten duel between the two best pertiguistas of the moment, a kind of confinement battle to achieve the highest jump. The two have a wonderful relationship and even Lavillenie has invited the Swede to train at home on occasion. Renaud has, among other things, an Olympic gold and silver in its windows.

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