News : He stops at the finish line and renounces the bronze

News : He stops at the finish line and renounces the bronze

Diego Méntrida lets Teagle pass at goal

There are scenes in the world of sports that we will remember for a lifetime. One of those that loop every ‘x’ time to remind us that sport for many people is a way of earning a living, but that it has intrinsic a series of values ​​that must be respected above all.

We come to memory images like the one of the Brownlee brothers at the Cozumel Triathlon a few years ago. Seeing Alistair helping Jonathan cross the finish line after fainting and giving up the silver medal went around the world. Or closer to home. The image of the Spanish long-distance runner Iván Fernández ‘guiding’ Abel Mutai to the goal in a cros after this, leader with a few meters to go, made the wrong route.

The british Teagle is bundled as a result of fatigue

Well, in the Santander Triathlon we have experienced a very similar scene. Diego Méntrida was in fourth position, very close to the third classified, the British James Teagle, but without options to pass it a few meters from the goal. Teagle, dead tired, takes the wrong course at the last corner. Méntrida has the option of taking the bronze, he has to touch it, but before crossing the finish line he waits and lets the British pass first. Tremendous gesture of sportsmanship that included giving up a whole podium. “Seeing how he was wrong, I unconsciously stood up. He deserved it”, assures El Mundo. Diego’s action is already going around the world. Because not always everything is worth to win. Despite the fact that these scenes are rather rare.

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