News : Hertha resisted relegation and defeated Freiburg – Sport

News : Hertha resisted relegation and defeated Freiburg – Sport

Thanks to the most successful overall rotation since the victory of the Portuguese B-Elf against the German national team at the EM 2000 (3-0), Hertha BSC left the relegation ranks of the Bundesliga table on Thursday.

In their second game after the two-week, corona-related isolation, the Berlin team landed their fifth home win of the season against SC Freiburg – even though the Berlin coach Pal Dardai exchanged all important employees except for the bus driver compared to the Mainz game. Okay, goalkeeper Alexander Schwolow stayed in. And midfielder Mattéo Guendouzi as well, who paid dearly for it and was replaced after 38 minutes, with a suspected metatarsal fracture. But otherwise? Dardai replaced nine professionals in an existentially important game of the relegation candidate. With success: Hertha won 3-0.

It is really not an exaggeration to speak of Hertha’s best home performance of the current season, especially with a view to the first half. Even more: It was downright frightening to see how much the parts of a team that had never played together before and how logically the chances that led to the goals arose in the first half. As if football were an easy game.

The Hertha reservists’ hour struck for the first time after 13 minutes: the defensive midfielder Santi Ascacibar served Jordan Torunarigha, whose long-range shot was clapped by Freiburg goalkeeper Florian Müller, which in turn gave Hertha’s center forward Krzysztof Piatek the opportunity to complete by stabbing. Loan striker Nemanja Radonjic drew attention at the 2-0. He let Philipp Lienhart slip past the baseline on his pants and then crossed precisely and confidently to right-back Peter Pekarik. The Slovak headed the ball over the lines. And what about SC Freiburg, who started the game better? Only got a dangerous chance in the first half when Ermedin Demirovic found his champion in a long-range shot in Hertha’s goalkeeper Alexander Schwolow (26th).

In the second half, the guests became more snappy. As if they no longer just wanted to be extras of the nominal Hertha extras. Schwolow, who had trained on the balcony in the quarantine that ended a week ago, was immediately in focus again after the break and was able to distinguish himself twice several times. Hertha remained dangerous. Mainly because of the substitute Cunha, who even hit the post once, and Radonjic, who in the end scored the 3-0 after a nice solo. Hertha climbed to 14th place in the table – and because of the Corona break, it still has less game than the competition.

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