News : “High motivation”: Kroos on new season, Hazard, Zidane and Ronaldo

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"High motivation": Kroos on new season, Hazard, Zidane and Ronaldo

Toni Kroos comments on Real Madrid's commitments by Eden Hazard and Luka Jović. With a view to the new season, the midfield star is already bursting with motivation. He enthuses about his existence as a royal.

Kroos: "I will not play in USA, China or Qatar"

MADRID. After a season without a title, Real Madrid usually heads. Immediately after the end of the messed up season 2018/19 in May, however, the exact opposite was the case - at least in the case Toni Kroos, The Royal announced that they had contracted the midfield star for another year until 2023.

A circumstance that makes Kroos even more eager to make it much better in the new game year. "The motivation will be so high after such a season, especially if you've had just the opposite in the past. But of course it shows a high appreciation on the part of the association to extend it again. This appreciation is the result of the last five years. I deliberately chose the term end of 2023 because I said: 33 could be a good age to quit. But then I also have the opportunity to decide if I still do something else. But I can rule out now: In the US, China or Qatar I will not play anymore "said the 29-year-old in an interview with SPORT BILD.

"Hazard can become a central player for a new success story"

But before he thinks of the end of his long successful career, one or the other triumph is to be celebrated in the Estadio Santiago Bernabéu - as in the old days, but with some new faces. For example Eden Hazard. The Belgian has come for 100 million euros from Chelsea to the Spanish capital.

An offensive artist, of whom Kroos holds a lot. "Hazard can become a key player in Real's new success story for years to come. I hope so and I wish him and us. Our successes have always been based on a working team. That will be decisive ", said the German, on the other hand, from 60-million-euro purchase Luka Jovic from Eintracht Frankfurt "Honestly not seen so many games" Has. "The numbers speak for him, yet Real is different from Frankfurt. But if the club picks him up, they are sure he can reinforce us. "

"Cristiano's Juve change for all absolutely okay"

Last year, the 21-year-old forward from Serbia scored 27 goals in Frankfurt last season. Whether he can top that in the White Ballet and develop into a similarly reliable Goalgetter as once Cristiano Ronaldo? It's set in the stars. Speaking of Ronaldo: The world football player was missed after his sale to Juventus in recent months, especially the followers painfully.

"It would be weird if someone like Cristiano were not missing"However, Kroos puts the situation into perspective: "He has decided games with his goals alone. His move to Juve, however, was absolutely okay for all sides. He wanted to do something new again and Real deserves well - let's move on. " With Zinédine Zidane on the bench.

Kroos: Great trust in Zidane

Although Kroos regrets the failure of Julen Lopetegui and Santiago Solari, he is pleased about the renewed cooperation with "Zizou". This one has "An incredible aura: His personality works without him having to do anything big. You're impressed by him because of his past, so he does not have to be a speaker. Zidane is very thoughtful. He knows all the situations on the pitch, even at top level - that's very important for a coach. With Zidane, you believe you can win every title over and over again. Now a new time is breaking at Real with changed staff. But also for that Zidane will arrange a line, how he will be successful with us ",

"Real change the best that could happen to me"

Will be successful again. Under the leadership of the 47-year-old Frenchman, between January 2016 and June 2018, the Madrid team cleared a whopping nine titles, including three Champions League titles. Especially because of this glorious era Kroos raves about his existence as a royal.

"For me personally, the best thing that happened to me was to go to Real Madrid. As the only German at Real you have a different attention than one of seven German internationals at Bayern. For many who saw me critically, it was clear anyway that I would not make it to Real. But the critics have at least looked. I think that allowed me to change many people. That would never have been possible with Bayern! Even if I had stayed and won the Champions League, it would have said, 'Kroos was there, too.' The attention to me at Real is now much bigger. 'said the Spain legionnaire.

Kroos: selling a bad Bayern decision

Bayern Munich President Uli Hoeneß refers to the sale of the Greifswald as a mistake in the documentary "KROOS" (theatrical release on 4 July). For Kroos be "At the time of the change" have been clear "That Bavaria makes a mistake with my sale. I am so self-confident already, otherwise I would not have rejected Bavaria's offer at the time. I knew that I was important to the team and could become even more important for Bayern. With me there was never anything stuck, because I had a good time at Bayern and then just went a new way ",

This article was written by Filip Knopp

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