News : Highness Olga Lyakhova is in trouble in Kenya

News :

Highness Olga Lyakhova is in trouble in Kenya

Olga Lyakhova, in a picture in Kenya

Ukrainian athlete Olga Lykhova, who is in Kenya training and passing confinement, got into trouble because of a misunderstanding (as she has defined herself) by publishing a tweet to her account in Russian and playing a trick on the Google translator. A message that a good part of the Kenyan athletic community did not like at all and that we are going to try to explain.

The three-time European bronze medalist has had to stay in Kenya during these weeks of confinement as the African country closed its borders and was unable to return to Ukraine. In this way, in Iten (one of the mecca of the world fund) many international athletes have remained who were concentrated there in this phase of the season. The problem is that the ‘training camps’ have closed due to the coronavirus crisis and many of its ‘inhabitants’ have left their farms or returned to their family residences. For foreign athletes, who are in rental houses, the situation has not been easy. Among them, Olga Lyakhova, who has had more time than usual and has been very intense on social networks.

Controversy in networks

The Ukrainian wrote a message on Instagram that was originally intended to praise her stay in Iten, but which ended in a misunderstanding. "I had an Afro yesterday, and this is no joke, it is four hours of pain." As they say, beauty requires sacrifice. But is it worth it? -I think not. I haven't done such braids in 10 years. ” In addition, he added: "I'm thinking, Who do i look like A monkey or a wild horsewoman? Or more options, what do you think?

They were not the only messages that the Ukrainian posted. "Life in Kenya is moving slowly, it is not a metropolis where people do not have time to raise their heads to look at the sky." In Kenya, it is its own charm, it is its own charm. Kenyans never run anywhere. They even say that I will come at 14:00 but in African it means maybe an hour or later. This really makes me mad. Can't you do everything on time? But they live like this and that is their natural way of being. Life in Kenya is like stepping into the past, 20 years ago. But civilization will come here"

Criticism from various sides

A series of messages that have angered part of Kenyan society. From the Kenyans on Twitter (KOT) account, with 155,000 followers on this network, and also for example @Ndut_M_, the words of the European athlete have been harshly criticized. "Western standards / life are not the benchmark of civilization. Please educate yourself" The Ukrainian has faced criticism, assuring that it was a mistake by Google Translate when translating her message, which is officially written in Russian on her account.

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