News : Hoeneß plea for Salihamidzic: Who controls the transfers at Bayern

News : Hoeneß plea for Salihamidzic: Who controls the transfers at Bayern

Pulling the strings in the background: Hoeneß’s plea for Salihamidzic reveals who really controls Bayern’s transfers

Hasan Salihamidzic is repeatedly criticized at Bayern. Uli Hoeneß defends the sports director again. One reason for this is a certain self-protection, because the honorary president lets you know who is really steering the fate of the transfer market.

Hasan Salihamidzic is always heavily criticized at Bayern. Many fans have made him a scapegoat for everything that goes so wrong with the German record champions. The fan anger culminated in the fact that some supporters with an online petition demanded the expulsion of the sports board. The campaign on the “” platform found over 70,000 advocates.

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Salihamidzic is an easy target for appendix displeasure. In his early days as a Bavarian functionary, he did not always present himself confidently in public appearances. In addition, many supporters blame the ex-professional for the fact that triple trainer Hansi Flick throws down in Munich and prefers to go to the DFB.

Hoeneß defends Salihamidzic against criticism

Flick had repeatedly indicated between the lines that he was dissatisfied with the club’s personnel policy. Salihamidzic is in charge of this, at least according to the public perception.

Honorary President Uli Hoeneß has once again broken a lance for “Brazzo”. “I can’t understand the criticism of Salihamidzic. I was in a leading position at FC Bayern for 40 years and I’m still on the supervisory board. Whenever we bought a player, everyone in the club was responsible for it. And not the coach or manager alone . It is no different now, “said Hoeneß in an interview with” Sport1. “

Hoeneß’s plea for his sports director is probably also motivated by self-protection. After all, it was the Bayern patriarch who brought the ex-professional into management a few years ago and promoted him. In 2017 Salihamidzic became sports director without any significant experience as an official. Shortly before his resignation, Hoeneß even promoted his protégé to the sports directorate.

FC Bayern: Salihamidzic is Hoeneß’s protégé

His reputation ultimately falls back on the Bayern patriarch, which is exactly what Salihamidzic’s life insurance policy is in the club. Only the supervisory board around chairman Herbert Hainer can dismiss him. Since Hoeneß also sits on this body, this is almost impossible. Should the supervisory board fire the protégé of its honorary president without his consent, this act would amount to disempowerment.

And in his plea for Salihamidzic, Hoeneß revealed even more about the hierarchical structures at the record champions: “The fact is: Hasan can’t buy players on his own. The FC Bayern München AG statutes do not allow that. Every transfer has to be signed by Karl-Heinz Rummenigge or another member of the board. “

At Bayern there will be “no big transfers”

It is significant that Hoeneß only mentions his long-term partner Rummennige by name in this statement – and not President Hainer. The suspicion is that the “other member of the board” is primarily meant to be the Bavarian Patriarch himself. After all, Hoeneß steered the fortunes of Säbener Strasse for 40 years and built the association into a global brand. His actual superior, Hainer, became Bayern President on Hoeneß’s recommendation – both of them are good friends in private.

In the absence of his sports director, Hoeneß made the announcement that “there will be no major transfers”. The corona crisis would also have left its mark on the people of Munich: “You finally have to realize what the corona crisis also means for FC Bayern. We are missing 80 to 100 million euros in viewer income. And we get that too not back, “said Hoeneß. Rummenigge had also repeatedly emphasized in the last few months that Munich had to save.

FC Bayern is driving austerity due to Corona

The stipulated austerity course is also reflected in the transfer policy. When Flick did not get supposed dream players like Timo Werner and Kai Havertz, many observers sensed a power struggle between the coach and Salihamidzic. It is more likely that today’s Chelsea stars were simply too expensive for Hoeneß’s supervisory board. The same applies to the departure of David Alaba and Jérôme Boateng.

Two years ago Boateng fell out of favor with Hoeneß, who at that time publicly asked him to look for a new club. About Alaba, whose advisor Hoeneß once referred to as “Piranha”, the Bayern supervisor said: “We were simply not ready to pay the price asked for him. That will also be the case in the future. Then there will be no contract extension with Bayern . “

It seems as if Salihamidzic is only responsible for day-to-day business when it comes to transfers. The overarching strategy and the final say in decisions lies with the supervisory board around the still ubiquitous Hoeneß.

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