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hold shape during Coronavirus

The Coronavirus has turned world society upside down. Events and large-scale competitions suspended pending the improvement of the health situation. A cluster of circumstances that is leaving us the greatest indoor sports festival of history.

Cyclists who are in possession of a bicycle and a cycling roller we can feel lucky. What until now has always been classified as boring and tiresome training seems to have become a divine gift.

If you are confined, you have a bicycle, a roller and you join the movement #yomequedoencasa you must pay close attention to what comes next.

Roller training for cyclists during the Coronavirus

Roller training was until the arrival of confinement, the sports alternative for those who had little time or did not like the idea of ​​being cold or wet at all.

A roller training that has undergone major changes in recent times. The cycling roller has gone from being considered an accessory for recovery training, which would be a training to save the day, to be considered one of the more effective training systems so much for slim down as to do series and specific cadence work.

Today the roller is no longer visited only for that of "Drop legs" or eliminate toxins but they are increasingly evident the benefits of roller training that can provide you with an important improve your performance if you follow a series of basic tips.

How many calories are burned in an hour on a roller?

The happy Coronavirus has significantly reduced our daily activity. We spend more time at home than usual and this implies that we move less and that excursions to the kitchen and pantry have become the "Tour of the day".

If we increase caloric intake and reduce physical activity and NEAT, it will be very difficult to achieve an acceptable normocalorica. The caloric deficit that we need to create to lose weight seems further and further and as things get longer than they should, the scale will begin to pass sentence.

It is time to enjoy the present and to be, whenever possible, close to ours. Difficult times are coming and the sport at home may end even "normalizing".

Many people who want to keep the weight off start asking the question. How many calories do I burn in an hour on a roller?

In line with the above, we must be clear that there is no exact data that shows the calories burned in one hour of stationary bike. The value can vary a lot depending on different factors such as intensity, age of the athlete, weight or their physical condition. There are a large number of formulas that approximate the athlete to estimate their caloric expenditure but the most important thing is to start doing sports according to our possibilities. In this sense calories burned in one hour of cycling can range from 300 that we will burn in a really smooth and regenerative session and the 900 that we can burn in a spinning session varying intensities

roller training

How to face a roller session? Basic advice

Before I start with a roller session It is important that you keep in mind a series of basic tips that will allow you to carry out the session more comfortably.

Adequate room

It is extremely important to roll in a suitable space for it. A room with good ventilation It is the essential requirement for the air in the room to circulate and prevent you from rolling in a cave with a bad smell after 20 minutes and with 5 or 10 degrees more. Ventilation is also important so you don't sweat as much and slow down the rate of dehydration a little more.

Correct hydration

Precisely another extremely important topic is that of the correct body hydration. Roller sessions are practically always Indoor so the rates of dehydration and sweating are much higher. It is important always roll with at least 1 drum of water or mineral salts and the ideal would be to drink 0.5-0.75 liters of water for each hour of rolling.

Types of cycling roller

There are different types of rollers and if you want to start doing work at high intensities it is very likely that the classic roller rollers is insufficient and you need a roller with different levels of resistance. The controllable rollers will allow you to do more personalized sessions and adapt the training load to your needs. The rollers of rollers are ideal to improve the balance on the bike or to improve the cadence but they are quite limited for those cyclists who want improve performance on top of the roller.

Towel and equipment

Although it may seem silly any Roller session should be accompanied by the corresponding equipment. A kit that in addition to the typical cycling accessories (shoes, shorts, heart rate monitor, etc.) should include important support tools that will make your life easier once you start taking the first pedaling. A towel both to wipe the sweat from the forehead and to prevent the sweat from falling on the frame (sweat is especially corrosive in the long run) and a chair or table to leave your mobile and other objects are some examples of objects that will help you a lot in your indoor sessions.


This is the section that has undergone the most changes in recent years. Rolling has been boring for yearsWhereas now, thanks to a series of accessories, rolling may end up being even fun. This is possible thanks to different training "partners". Smartphones, televisions, tablets or laptops can be the great distraction in your sessions. You can take advantage of the training to watch a TV series, do a little zapping or even interact with other users if you have decided to use an interactive indoor cycling platform. The Zwift application, for example, has become the inseparable companion of those who want to squeeze the most out of the roller. An innovation that will undoubtedly make time on the roller go much faster.

In any case, this Coronavirus quarantine seems to be going long, so be sure to check out the special post ” 10 videos to see the roll ”. A fun and intense compilation of documentary videos that will help us liven up the festival.

Basic Roller Training Tips
With interactive programs like Zwift or Bkool you can share training sessions with people from all over the world

Benefits of roller training

Improve cadence

Roller training, whether it is curlers or adjustable intensities, will contribute to improving pedaling cadence and efficiency since we never stop pedaling. Keep high cadences around 80-85 rpm on the road it is sometimes complicated and the roller is a tool that clearly favors this aspect and that will allow you improve pedaling cadence as a fundamental aspect for your performance improvement.

Lose weight

Roller on fasting it is many times recommended by some physical trainers as a system to lose weight and the truth is that although the opinions of the specialists on the subject are tremendously different, it is clear that rolling activates the organism and doing it first thing in the morning allows activate metabolism faster. The roller in winter is also very interesting to sweat and eliminate toxins. In short, if you take advantage of the roller properly, the Coronavirus may serve you to lose weight and not to gain it.

Time optimization

Without a doubt the biggest point in favor of the roller. Time is money and the time on top of the roller is used much better that in any road training where the traffic lights, roundabouts, or even the descents themselves prevent that 1 hour of route really equals one hour of training, something that happens with indoor training. On top of the roller the legs never stop pedaling and this is evident both in the caloric expenditure and in the effectiveness of the training. Usually Roller training is often said to be twice that of road training, whereby a good 1.5 hour roller session may well replace a 3h road session.

Total control of effort

With roller training you can carry a millimeter control of your efforts. Whether you are looking to make a active recovery session as if you intend to do your best the series workThe roller is certainly much better and more effective than road training. With the roller, and even more with the simulators and interactive rollers you can totally limit your training zones both power and heart rate while in the usual road training the arrival of a steep slope, a low angle, a roundabout or even a traffic light will in many cases prevent the effort from being maintained in the desired training area.

Series. With some applications you can trace the series set by your coach.

They are more and more professional cyclists and triathletes who include roller sessions in their planning and the truth is that the benefit especially of interval work is quite important.

Improves mental strength

Enduring sessions Roller will strengthen you not only physically but also mentally. Mental strength in endurance sports is sometimes as or more important than physics and having a strong mentality and above all stable is very important to achieve your goals. Get on top of the roller and prove to yourself that you are able to last longer than you thought.

Fasting roller training

More and more people join the trend of fasting training to lose weight. A training methodology that in the field of cycling is used to apply precisely on top of a roller.

Initially, fasting training is aimed at those who seek to lose weight and they don't have much time for it.

Fasting training should always be done first thing in the morning, at which time the reserves of sugars and glycogen are low enough to burn fat faster and more effectively.

The body will use fats as an energy source and we will also be accelerating our metabolism from early in the morning. It is important that fasting workouts are at low intensity and last no longer than one hour. You can learn more about fasting training in the following article.

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