News : Hortelano's reflection on the current moment of athletics and life

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Hortelano's reflection on the current moment of athletics and life

Bruno Hortelano, in a file image after his return to the competition

They have not been and are not being easy times for anyone. A health crisis that has turned into an economic crisis. Anguish, uncertainty, stress. So many weeks 'locked up' at home have left very, very complicated situations. Uncertainty regarding employment, the real supply of the pandemic, what may come in the coming months, logical respect and fear of the information that came from being able to have someone close to them affected.

It all added up to a very large sack and made a dangerous cocktail. As is logical, athletes have not been left out of all this. Unlike, suddenly they found themselves without their usual training facilities, unable to establish physical contact with their coaches, without competitions on the horizon (with the logical economic repercussion that this entails).

A reflection that can be extrapolated to all areas

Bruno Hortelano, national record holder of 100, 200 and 400 meters, wanted to reflect on all this. After a good training (he has already been able to train again in his 'habitat', the CAR of Sant Cugat), the athlete born in the United States has taken the opportunity to record a video in which he launches his opinion on all this that has touched us live. “It has crossed my mind to share a reflection of mine. All or almost all of us have come to feel some kind of anguish after or during confinement.. I have certainly felt anxiety at times, wanting to go out to train or compete. I imagine that this type of anxiety can be extended to any field ”.

"A friend sent me a phrase ('Your future depends on your present'). It seems like an obvious phrase, but I think it carries a certain depth. It tells us that we can spend all day dreaming, but dreams and worrying about something that does not exist now is simply going to put us in a dark hole. I certainly think it's okay to think about the future from time to time to have direction, but everything else depends on the now, the present. So I said to myself: "I will give everything, I will leave everything training, on the track, as I just did now. Try at least in all areas of my life to seek excellence, but not for any future, but for the present. And perhaps with the faith that it will bear fruit in the future. ”

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