News : Hortelano's TOP training to an exact year for the Olympic final

News :

Hortelano's TOP training to an exact year for the Olympic final

Bruno Hortelano, in a file image / EFE

Bruno Hortelano has a goal in mind and probably (sure, come on) no one is going to be able to remove it from that head that has already proven to be harder than a rock. The Madrilenian works piece by piece in the CAR of Sant Cugat with only one thing in mind, the Olympic final of the Tokyo Games. After the potholes that he has found throughout this 2020, in which he began to feel closely the dream and little by little he has had to readjust the deadlines to gain a year of margin and experience, Hortelano is harder than never in that endeavor.

Positivism and work towards the goal

“Not because of the brands, if it has been good for me, or if it has been less negative, it is to be able to better attend to my injuries in recent years. I have an affected body and with more time it will allow me not to be in such a hurry and I will be able to advance with more security ”, commented a couple of months ago Bruno. "I have dreamed of that, if I do not dream it is difficult that it will happen," he confessed, admitting that his goal "in terms of possibility" of getting on the podium will be 200. "It is what I have chosen to dedicate myself to this year and little "

Well, it seems that the work is on the right track, as the athlete himself indicated in his ‘Twitter’ account. This past Tuesday he completed a 2 × 300 with a second race, eye to the data, which he completed at 32.8. Hortelano contributes a video recorded from the High Performance Center in which he is seen to fly with tremendous ease. "365 days for the 200m Olympic final," he adds in the message, repeating the fact that he is at the top of that goal of reaching the final of 200 and, why not, dream of higher heights. Note that the Best National Brand in 300 has been in the possession of Óscar Husillos since 2018 (32:39), so it would have remained just four tenths of that record.

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