News : How difficult it is to earn a living with what you like

News : How difficult it is to earn a living with what you like

Eduardo Crespo, a former padel teacher, has created a board game that reproduces a 1,500 race that is like real life. Chance does not guarantee anything and it all depends on how you manage fatigue.

– What can I do that I like?

In the hospital bed, after breaking his knee after a drop in the Vespa, Eduardo Crespo asked himself that question.

– I had an accident in which I fell by myself.

The doctors had just condemned his future as a paddle teacher and he also remembered that herniated disc, which he had never allowed return to be the same.

– If every day I feel more diminished.

And in the search for a better world, he got the best of himself, among other reasons because Eduardo Crespo always gave real importance to that idea what no one should disparage:

– Do what you like.

And how to forget then what Alfredo said to Toto in ‘Cinema Paradiso’:

-Find something you like and, whatever you do, love it like you loved the Cinema Paradiso booth as a child.

– If you don’t try, you will always be left with doubts – Eduardo Crespo answers me today, who in the hospital bed remembered the teenager he was and the moment when he had to decide what he wanted to be when he grew up, Y what I make I, what study.

– I didn’t know what I wanted.

– And by default I chose a pharmacy degree.

And his motivation stopped in the last season, in the last year when he only had four or five subjects to finish:

– Why keep insisting if I don’t like this? -stated.

30 years later, Eduardo it is a man from 53 that he has been many things in life and that in the bed of that hospital he remembered that perhaps he was never so happy as when he set up that board game shop in Madrid when he was twenty years old.

– Why not try again?

Today, I am by his side and, by my side, I have a man who is his own boss: the only employee of his publishing property Lucky Loser and the creator of this game: 1,500 meters.

It seemed like an original idea and that’s why I wrote to him.

“Look what I thought,” I said.

“Oh yeah, sure,” he replied. I wanted to make a racing game without chance and I set myself this challenge with a distance like 1,500. It represents so much to us. Who does not have in mind what Fermín Cacho did in the Barcelona 92 ​​Olympics?

– And yes – he added-, I have designed it using Corel and Photoshop And it has taken me two years in which I always started from a base: ‘we are going to make it as simple as possible, Eduardo, because there is always time to complicate it’.

“Simple things seem better,” he adds.

From there his head began to battle in front of an infinite world.

It is what you have to create: tea you face to the infinite.

“I don’t know if it’s my vocation but it’s something I like,” he summarizes now. Board games I have always liked since I was a child. I think that now I am the extension of that hobby, of the need to do something different, to believe in it one hundred percent, to have blind faith in what you do.

In the end, the lifetime it is that: faith.

Life is what his father, who was the owner of the Zamora school in Madrid in the eighties, taught him, and his mother, who was one of the school’s teachers.

From the bed in that hospital, Eduardo Crespo remembered it again.

– I started to create this idea in my head: a track and field game, a 1,500 game, why am I not going to try it, I want to try it.

– And then?

– I had to take another step and the only way was to ask. And I dedicated myself to asking athletes, to going to athletic clubs that answered my limitations.

– I have not been an athlete; I have not run any race in my life -he insists-. But I want a lot to the Athletics since childhood and, especially, at 1,500 since I heard about the Coe-Ovett duel in the eighties and to verify that until the last straight you did not know what could happen.

– Y?

– That is precisely the uncertainty that I wanted to transfer to the game. And the result is that I have achieved a game that is not just about rolling dice or drawing cards. A game in which everyone, any of the eight players who can participate, have the same possibilities and in which you must manage resistance of your athlete throughout the race.

That is why Eduardo Crespo repeats so many times:

– Here it is not chance but the head wins.

He also insists:

– The further the athlete progresses, the more he tires.

And that is the purest reflection of what happens in a race real of 1,500 in which each one chooses his strategy and that, through this game, Eduardo Crespo summarizes as if we were in Montjuic, in the final of the Barcelona 92 ​​Olympics:

– We call resistance mental strength.

Then he attended to inspiration, which has no hours.

– It appears in the most unexpected moments, even at night when you are asleep. It does not leave you even a moment of truce. After two years I think I have had time to get to know her, to understand that without her you cannot create.

But as important as that is to have a idea, that idea to fill with layers, content, profitability.

In the end, life is that too: an Excel sheet, an income statement.

“Well, here we go,” he explains.

– I have a mattress that in these difficult times allows me to go pulling. But above all it is to believe in the product, believe in the what you do and that the people you ask, say ‘hey, Eduardo, how good is the game or, look, Eduardo, I think this can be improved’, because that is what allows you to be alive.

And get home. And think. And think again.

And play again.

And today it was he, Eduardo Crespo, who told us his story. Tomorrow it can be me or you can be you.

In all lives there is always something that makes us different and that deserves to be told.

The game: 1500m

The reigning distance of the middle distance and one of the most famous in athletics, is the 1,500 meters dash.

In 1500 m you are one of 8 runners participating in a 1,500 meter track and field race. It has a no-chance game system and uses euro bidding and management mechanics to represent movement.

Each runner always advances what he wants, spending the 100 points of mental strength that he has and that he must manage throughout the race.

Using the correct racing strategy and knowing when to risk, you can become the next 1,500 meter dash champion (see more).

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