News : How does it affect running and exercising outdoors?

News : How does it affect running and exercising outdoors?

For now you can continue running until the start of the curfew

We imagined, we wished we would never write anything like this again after those hard months of confinement. Anguish, fear, feeling of confinement, sadness over the weeks and that nothing will change. But this second wave has reached a point where we seem to be heading for something similar. Hopefully this does not reach a situation as drastic and extreme as the one experienced in March-April, in which we were locked up for weeks and weeks and only had the ‘freedom’ to go outside for essential activities. And that didn’t include running, which for many is a tremendous escape route. We still remember that emotion of returning to the asphalt, to our roads, after more than two months without being able to do so.

Return, what we did not want or imagine

Well, once again the coronavirus pandemic is heading towards a lack of control that may soon have consequences. It is already having them in fact in several regions and cities in which there is a perimeter closure. Y a few communities have now asked the government to declare a state of alarm to be able to perform ‘curfews’. A less invasive measure than confinement (we hope it doesn’t go beyond here), but one that can also alter the training routines that we had so happily recovered. It is true that perhaps now we value much more than before the habit of going for a run, of doing our series, of going to our parks.

President Pedro Sánchez has appeared urgently this Sunday at noon to announce the details of this new state of alarm. Curfew from 23:00 to 6:00 in the morning (Variable as the autonomous communities decide, which may vary between 10 p.m. and 12 p.m. and 5 a.m. and 7 a.m. and are responsible for the decisions they think they should make as the pandemic evolves in each geographic area).


In this way, in that time slot you will only be able to leave to go to or return to work, to go to buy medicine, take care of someone who is sick or for very justified reasons. You will not be able to exercise outdoors in that period of time. At the moment no home confinement applies, but it is not ruled out that it has to be applied. We will see there how it would affect the sport abroad, if it would be decided to ban it or if some bands would be established as in the first phases of the de-escalation.

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