News : How does the Rainbow Virtual Series work?

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How does the Rainbow Virtual Series work?

There are only 11 days left for the (virtual) starting gun in this beautiful 7-test challenge that will help us stay motivated in our workouts. With more than 2,000 targeted runners from around the world, some doubts begin to arise that we try to solve here and now with this quick operating guide.

1. Register your free registration

Access the section inscriptions and fill out the registration form.

2. Download your unique participation code and your bib number

Once the registration is complete you can download your unique registration code for all the tests of the 2020 circuit, your personalized number and the participant's guide. You will also receive an email with all this information.

3. Race day is coming

On race day you have to complete the distance at your favorite training place, on the treadmill or in the hallway of your house. It is very important to always comply with the protocols established by the competent health authorities in your place of residence.

4. Upload your result

Access the section upload your time within 48 hours after the race date.

With your unique registration code, record your time in hours / minutes / seconds. It is very important that you check that you enter the result well before sending it. Additionally you can upload a photo from your networks or devices such as Strava, Suunto, Garmin, treadmill, pedometer or other where it reflects the distance traveled and the time spent.

5. How do I measure the distance of each race?

You can cover the approximate distance thanks to the data provided by your GPS (watch, bracelet or app), on a previously measured circuit, or using distance meters such as Google Maps or Gmap-Pedometer.

6. Will there be prizes?

Rainbow Virtual Series Circuit tests are non-competitive so there will be no prizes. Any and all participants will be able to consult their classification with respect to the following categories:

General individual classification of each race by sex and also by these age groups:

  • Senior: born from 1980
  • Master 1: born between 1971 and 1979
  • Master 2: born between 1961 and 1970
  • Master 3: born in 1960 and earlier

There will also be a general classification of the circuit by sex and age group that will be the sum of individual results in the different tests of the circuit.

The scoring system will be as follows: the first classified will add the maximum score that will be obtained from the total number of arrivals and arrivals in the race, the second will obtain the sum of the total of arrivals -1 point, the third the total of arrivals -3 points and so on.

7. Enjoy

We encourage you to live the experience to the fullest, for this, we ask you for honesty and fair play at the time of entering the results.

8. Surprises

Participation will be rewarded with many surprises: raffles of exclusive material, contests, games. Fun is guaranteed!

Discover the new way to compete, many km await us in company in #RainbowVirtualSeries

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