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How much I have to run to lose weight: the definitive answer

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Let's stop to think for a moment: how and why did we start running? What was our goal? We thought we would end up running popular races and marathons? We knew how much we had to run to lose weight?

Probably not.

Probably, both you and I, like the rest of the runners, began to start in the world of running with the aim of losing weight while eliminating stress and keeping fit. But the ultimate goal of the vast majority of runners that are starting is, without a doubt, lose weight running.

And is that running is one of the cardiovascular exercises with which you burn a greater number of calories. That is why many people choose it as a sport to practice daily.

What many do not know is that it is not as simple as putting on your running shoes and running until you get tired. Thinking this is very common for beginner runners who have just started running, but there are also more experienced runners than they still think that the longer they run, the more weight they will lose And it's not exactly like that.

Today we explain how much do you have to run to lose weight and what is true in everything that is said about losing weight by running.

Before that, we would like to make a mention of the study carried out at the University of Copenhagen that was published in The Journal of Sports Medicine at the beginning of last year 2016. According to the results of the study, run five kilometers per week and combine it with a diet low in Fat supposes the loss of more than five kilos of body fat.

Many experts clarify that it is possible to lose weight by running 40-45 minutes three or four days a week and respecting the caloric deficit of the diet, that is, burning more calories than we eat. Thus, it is possible to lose between one and two kilos per week, depending on the initial weight of the runner and another series of health factors.

However, other published studies have also revealed that runners who run at a higher speed for a few minutes and then reduce the intensity for as many minutes, without stopping completely, burn more calories than runners who perform constant training at low intensity.

The vast majority coincide in that the second method is the really effective way to lose weight by running No need to run an hour every day. In fact, it is precisely the combination of strength and high intensity (examples) that helps to burn energy after training. Can you guess what source of consumption that energy uses? Exactly, the fat deposits you want to burn to lose weight.

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Running weight loss plan: how many minutes should I run?

Running is a cardiovascular exercise that burns a good number of calories. The problem is that not all types of workouts burn the same number of calories and when the ultimate goal of the runner is to lose weight, you must follow a training specially designed for it.

Playing with the rhythm changes

Basically, the idea is to play with the rhythms and avoid the constant workouts that the body ends up getting used to. It will do no good to go running 10 kilometers every day if you do it with the same pace of the race and the same route.

This does not work and it does not matter if you go up to 11, 12, 15 or 20 kilometers per day if your running pace is constant, either smooth or high.

Mind you, it is unquestionable that, being an aerobic activity, when you pass the 35-minute run you are really burning fat and being efficient with regard to weight loss. But this will only work for you at the beginning because, as we have already said, the body ends up getting used to everything.

For losing weight running you have to introduce rhythm changes: play with long and slower shoots and alternate them with other shorter and more intense shoots. It is not a series, but a combination of rhythms that allow you not to stop at all, but to vary the rhythm.

Lose weight by running 3 times a week

Thus, during the first weeks of initiation, it is not necessary to go jogging every day to lose weight, but it is more efficient to go out three or four days a week.

If you manage to reduce training time and increase the intensity of the exercise, You will probably achieve greater fat burning in absolute numbers. Of course, if you want to become a cross-country runner or work the resistance, this type of training is clearly not for you, except on specific days, so you must choose what your first objective is and attack it through the appropriate type of training.

How much should I jog to lose weight running?

If you want to start running and lose weight by running you can start the first week doing 30 minutes walking at a light pace and then performing four sets of 1 minute and 30 seconds with jogging, leaving an intermediate space between them of 45 seconds. You will really be running just 5 minutes in total, but in a much more focused way to lose weight.

In the following weeks you can reduce the time of walking at a light pace and increase the time you spend jogging, also reducing the time between each change of pace. All this without stopping until the end of the training.

Just don't forget to use a heart rate monitor or application to measure the distance traveled, the average running speed and the amount of calories consumed. With these data, and the calculation of your basal metabolic rate, you will be able to combine a workout and a diet with the ones you spend more calories than you eat.

The importance of FCM to lose weight

As you have more experience you can adapt your training based on your maximum heart rate (FCM). In this post from Kalenji's blog they explain very well how to calculate it and what percentages to apply depending on the type of training you are going to do. In the case that concerns us, which is to lose weight, you should reach a 60-70% of your maximum capacity to burn fat efficiently.

If you are still a beginner runner, and do not exercise regularly, you should start with an objective heart rate of around 50% of your total FCM. This is what the American Heart Association dictates.

In addition, with the passage of time and experience you can introduce other types of exercises in your daily workout that will help you burn more calories. For example, you can do circuits, multisaltos or opt for routes that include slopes, stairs or slopes.

If you add a series of daily weight loss exercises and a healthy low-fat diet to your weight loss training plan, you have it very easy to see how the kilograms that appear on your scale are decreasing.

Now you know how much time do you have to run to lose weight So, what are you waiting for to start training?

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