News : How Salihamidzic haters and Schalke chaots torpedo any legitimate criticism

News : How Salihamidzic haters and Schalke chaots torpedo any legitimate criticism

Column by Martin Volkmar: How Salihamidzic haters and Schalke chaots torpedo any legitimate criticism

At Schalke, violent criminals attack the team after relegation. Hasan Salihamidzic is exposed to hatred and malice at Bayern. The anti-social behavior is all the worse because it also silences the objective critics. The football column.

Hasan Salihamidzic is expected to celebrate a small anniversary on Saturday. Should FC Bayern make the German championship perfect early with a win in Mainz, it would be the tenth title since he took over as head of sports less than four years ago.

An outstanding record that is also unique in top international football. For comparison: Uli Hoeneß, as Bayern manager, needed ten years for his first ten titles.

Against the background of these success numbers, it seems all the more strange that Salihamidzic is massively criticized by many fans of the record champions. This is mainly due to the fact that he is not entirely unjustly made the main person responsible for Hansi Flick’s withdrawal.

Hasan Salihamidzic: Massive criticism because of Hansi Flick’s withdrawal

In fact, in the past few months, with his sometimes very confrontational and uncompromising manner internally, the 44-year-old has made a major contribution to the rift with the coach, which in the end can no longer be cemented. In addition, there is the general criticism of Salihamidzic’s appearance and his mistakes in the squad planning, although here the successful newcomers such as Davies, Goretzka or Pavard are often suppressed. In addition, it is imperative to truth that the ex-professional had and continues to have the clear backing of the board of directors, the supervisory board and, above all, his mentor Uli Hoeneß.

Nevertheless, the majority of supporters would obviously have preferred it if Salihamidzic and not Flick had left Bavaria. In a “kicker” survey of more than 300,000 participants, 93 percent said that the coach was more important to the club than the sports director. And almost 70,000 fans signed an online vote with the unambiguous name “Pro Hansi Flick, Brazzo out” against Salihamidzic.

The general anti-mood, however, is increasingly taking on defamatory and sometimes xenophobic traits. Some also see Salihamidzic in the focus of criticism because, for many ignoramuses, his prominent position in German football does not match their crude worldview of the role of a refugee child from Bosnia. And in fact, the negative reviews of his work are repeatedly mixed with references to his origin, his schooling, his rhetorical weaknesses or his current appearance with a long beard and dark suits.

Salihamidzic: Insults and threats also against family

The insults and threats against the former darling of the public in the anonymity of social media, which meanwhile also burden the family, are correspondingly out of the question. Both son Nick, who plays in the U19 of FC Bayern, and his wife have made this public on their own initiative.

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“In the last few days I have received a lot of ugly and very insulting comments that have nothing to do with my work and relate exclusively to my husband and his job. You insult him as a person and our whole family is attacked at the same time,” wrote Esther Salihamidzic on the account of her yoga studio and demanded an immediate end to the wave of anger.

Salihamidzic: Backing from Bayern boss Hainer and Flick

The association also condemned the hostility in a public statement. “Objective criticism is of course always permissible. However, we condemn personal attacks and agitation in the strongest possible way – there is not the slightest room for that at Bayern,” said President Herbert Hainer.

And Flick also clearly positioned himself on Friday: “The limits have been exceeded, a no-go. With all the things that Brazzo and I had, it was never personal,” he said at the press conference: “We have to be careful about that Such things are not the order of the day. It’s all about football. Football is important, but not the most important thing in life. “

But for some people who can no longer be called fans, but only fanatics, that no longer seems to apply. The brutality of society has increased significantly in recent years and does not stop at football. Especially with so-called traditional clubs, threats of violence are again and again the absurd reflex of some hollow heads when things are not going well.

“If you get relegated, we’ll kill you,” hooligans of 1. FC Köln threatened their own players with banners and chants before relegation in 2011. Something similar was repeated in 2018 at Hamburger SV (“Before the clock goes out, we’ll chase you through the city”) and last spring at 1. FC Nürnberg. There stickers were put up around the stadium with death threats against the players Hanno Behrens and Lukas Mühl (“Must there be a second Escobar case?”).

Schalke 04: Board member Jobst stops because of death threats

In this season, Schalke board member Alexander Jobst was the victim of obviously badly disturbed pseudo fans. The marketing boss, who has long been criticized by the fans, recently announced his resignation at the end of the season despite an ongoing contract – because of ongoing death threats against himself and his family.

“It’s anonymous emails, letters, and social media posts. For example, it says, ‘We know where your kids go to school. Are you sure they come home every day?’ There were also requests to literally pour gasoline over me and burn myself, “said Jobst of” Bild “and drew the consequences:

“Of course Schalke is a special and emotional club. But in the end it is still just football. It must not become normal when the board of a football club is offered personal protection.”

But the Royal Blues haven’t gotten any better since then, on the contrary. Since the first Bundesliga relegation in 33 years has been confirmed this week, players and those responsible have actually had to fear for life and limb, which is why the club even officially asked for police protection.

Schalke 04: Hunting scenes against players and coach

Before that, the night after the game in Bielefeld, real hunting scenes had taken place in the arena that had never happened before in the history of the Bundesliga. A mob of 500 to 600 crazy hooligans who had received the returning team – of course in disregard of all corona rules – did not stop at bad insults and egg throws at the team. Not even demolishing the cars of the professionals ended the destructive rage.

Rather, players and coaches, including S04 club icon Mike Büskens, were attacked by the uninhibited chaos with kicks and punches and fled in panic. Suart Serdar was then persecuted by two authors, and the mob was waiting for him and others on the doorstep to be rubbed off. The violent criminals also proudly produced themselves on social channels and distributed testosterone-laden WhatsApp messages (“We’d love to mow you away here and now”).

Factual critics read Wutbürger portrayed

That such occurrences can even happen in a civilized society is an indictment. But it is even worse that these Neanderthals discredit and thus torpedo all legitimate criticism. Because those who criticize the soulless Schalke troop completely rightly or who question the actions of decision-makers like Salihamidzic with good arguments and without foaming at the mouth are very quickly put in the corner of the anti-social angry citizens.

Schalke board member Jobst in particular stood for the vast majority of supporters as a symbol of everything that goes wrong with the miners. In addition to the sporting and economic downturn, he was also made responsible for the removal of traditional values ​​and the erosion of the club’s philosophy. “Jobst did not understand Schalke,” was the constant mantra of its numerous critics. But the agitators and violent criminals not only did not understand the club, they understood nothing at all.

Because the meaningful and important discussion about possible misconduct and how to deal with it, which might have led to a separation from Jobst by the new supervisory board, will no longer take place after the withdrawal that was forced by the threats.

And also Salihamidzic’s deficits in the sporting and probably also human area are no longer an issue, because the disgusting agitation against him led and probably had to lead to a collective solidarity of the club bosses. In football, which is unfortunately only a marginal issue here, one would speak of a classic own goal.

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