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How to achieve aesthetic quality in the abdomen: Flat and toned!

Toned abs, marked, sculpted, flat stomach ... call it what you want, but it is something we all dream of (both men and women) and that few come to fulfill.

And it is that the fact of carrying here plays a fundamental role adequate training that involves toning abdominal and lumbar, but also combining it with other multiarticular exercises that allow you to gain strength. And not only that: constancy is the key to achieving it.

In the second we cannot help you, but we do want to help you trace your star training to get marked abs. A luxury six pack, come on.

What is the abdominal rectum and how to train it

The abdominal rectum is a unique muscle that is located in the front part of the trunk and that goes from the lower part of the chest to almost the pubic bone.
There is a lot of confusion due to the existence of some metamorphic fibrous bands that are located above the navel and can be three or four, depending on the person. This leads to think that there are different muscles in the abdomen (upper and lower abdominals) but it is still a whole set called rectus abdominis.

But training the abdominal rectum to show off the famous chocolate tablet is not just an aesthetic issue. This muscle is the main flexor of the spine, which helps you take care of the posture and protect certain vital organs located in the area. Hence it is so important to keep it strong and flexible.

Here are the recommended exercises to train the abdominal rectum.

How to have abdominals marked fast

Normally, marking abdominals is not a quick process, but it needs constancy and intensity when performing the training routine with localized exercises and eating a low fat and carbohydrate diet strictly.

Can you get it in a week? And in a month?

Obviously not.

Getting toned and marked abs takes time. You will not get it in a month, but if you select the exercises well and you are constant, you will probably notice changes in your abdomen in those 30 days. And those changes encourage you to continue until you achieve the goal: iron abs.

Are there differences between men and women?

Except if the woman has recently given birth by caesarean section, a situation that usually leads to a break in the abdominal fibers, both men and women can use the same routine to train the abdominal rectum.

There are no specific exercises for one or the other. Exercises to train lumbar, frontal and oblique abdominals are suitable for toning abdominals in both sexes.

Routine to mark abs: best exercises

There are endless exercises to define abs that can be included in your abdomen marking routine, and that can be done with or without weight, with or without accessories such as the abdominal bench.

Let's take action. The constancy, the execution technique, an adequate rhythm of the breathing during the concentric and eccentric phase of the movement, always have full muscle awareness that we are exercising, together with large doses of variety (look for the surprise effect, break the routine with new stimuli) e intensity They will be key in achieving the objective.

To do this, we suggest you bookmark this post and make this DAILY routine of 8 minutes duration:

Diet to mark abdomen

Bearing in mind that women should have a body fat percentage of 18% and men 10% so that abdominal definition training is useful for something, it is necessary to make certain changes in the diet.

So, for example, if you need to reduce body fat you will have to reduce your intake of carbohydrates, soda and processed foods. In addition, a healthy diet to combine with fitness implies greater intake of fruits, vegetables and proteins, drink more than two liters a day of water and perform an optimization of the number of intakes that occur per day, with a minimum of 5 being recommended.

It goes without saying that items such as bread or industrial pastries should disappear from your diet.

In addition, you can add some natural diuretic to your diet to help you in the process of removing excess body fat. For example, dandelion infusion.

In summary, the muscle that makes the “chocolate tablet” visible is the rectus abdominis and it is necessary to train it with the maximum intensity to mark it.

In addition, it is very important to combine it with the work of the oblique abs to reduce the waist and give a more toned look to the entire area. And, of course, you have to burn fat with aerobic exercise (running, elliptical trainer, swimming, spinning ...) and train the cross section to tone and get a flat stomach.

To this abdominal rectum training routine you must add a low carb diet to reduce adipose tissue and water retention.

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