News : How to avoid the risk of contagion in a test with 25,000 enrolled?

News :

How to avoid the risk of contagion in a test with 25,000 enrolled?

Many are wondering and even more are trying to find a safe way to do it. Many marathons are on the calendar for next fall, excited to be able to celebrate their tests despite the fact that the omens are not the best and how tremendously difficult it is expected to deal with the enormous sanitary restrictions. We are talking about races in some cases with more than 30,000 registeredTherefore, the puzzle is expected to be monumental in order to organize the 'chicken coop' and prevent large groups of people from matching.

The ‘during’ the test is less worrying, since it is proven that the risk of contagion running is practically non-existent, but even so, it is intended to devise an exit system that, first, do not accumulate a lot of runners, and, second, avoid very large collapses during the course. In this sense, in tests such as the marathon, if a not too crowded exit is achieved, it is less worrying because the distance is so long that the crowds during the test are usually scarce if the organization is adequate. From Ireland, the head of the Center for Immunological Studies at the Trinity Biomedical Sciences Institute in Dublin (who is also an ex-athlete and has a 2:13:55 marathon), Kingston Mills, is investigating how to minimize the risks of contagion in mass evidence.

Running, a very low risk of contagion

"When you're really on the road or on the asphalt or the mountain running, you're not a big risk to anyone else," says Mills, referring to something several scientific studies have already proven. "The virus is spread by coughing and sneezing, very close, and it actually dissipates if you run at a minimal rate" You're not going to pass it on to someone else like that. It is different if you are sitting on a bus or plane, or somewhere indoors, "he adds.

"The problem is with massive events like the marathon, the build-up at the start, getting there, all of that is certainly a problem. The goal is less worrying if it is well organized and the runners arrive in different waves. Still, this is why mass participation will be much more difficult to resolve while the virus is present. ” In the case of the Dublin Marathon, which remains in force and which should be held on October 25, the race director, Jim Auhney, assures that there are 25,000 registered, but that they reserve the option to reduce, postpone or cancel the proof. "A mass participation marathon like Dublin would also carry much greater risk than, say, a championship marathon, where the number of participants would be much smaller, "says Mills.

An imaginary interval scene

"I could imagine a scenario where you had a space of a couple of hundred runners, maybe even set them at intervals, as they do in timed cycling team events. Let's say at 20-second intervals, and if the top-ranked riders were the last, it could actually be quite exciting. You could even see some very good moments. That's just a suggestion, "adds Mills.

"The other topic, of course, is the vaccine; if it can be removed in the coming months. I certainly don't think we have a vaccine for these fall marathons. Although we could for the following fall. If we are in a situation where we are still practicing social distancing, there is no way to carry out a marathon of 25,000 registered. Unless they go alone with the elite. ”

"Perhaps when autumn comes, things have changed significantly, and I think the government has set very clear guidelines, which should happen in August. But things could improve before that. People like to have some guarantees, when in fact we don't know. I'm optimistic after the past few weeks, but that's about it because everyone, beyond essential workers, has been confined. We cannot do that forever. There are some troubling signals from Germany and South Korea, which could have opened too quickly”Says Mills, who does not trust that massive marathons will be held this fall, but perhaps with a smaller participation (less than 5,000 registered).

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