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How to have the benefits of sports self-massage within everyone's reach

Sports self-massage is key to improving performance, because it helps to achieve a better and faster recovery after doing any physical activity. Learning this therapy becomes essential if the one who practices an activity cannot afford to visit a physiotherapist at least once a week.

How to have the benefits of sports self-massage within everyone's reach it is easy with the new devices that exist, such as foam rollers, massage guns, massage mats and massage balls, among others.

Among these new methods that have revolutionized self-massage, we must highlight massage guns. Until a few years ago, these devices were only available to elite athletes and now anyone can buy a massage gun for little money.

But let's go by parts and highlight, first, what are the main benefits of sports self-massage, even for those who practice any sport even if they are not engaged in it professionally.

Benefits of sports self-massage

Sports self-massage stimulates blood circulation. This makes it easier for the muscle to oxygenate.

Reduces tension and favors purification of toxins.

Have a injury preventive effect and how analgesic when they occur. Sports self-massage is very useful to quickly detect possible injuries and stop the discomfort that they entail, such as the dreaded and frequent muscle contractures, which are especially painful.

There are people who do not dare to practice sports self-massage on themselves, because they consider that by not being professional masseurs they can perform some action on their body that is counterproductive in some way. They are people who do not know that, in reality, sports self-massage is very easy to apply with the help of new devices.

Sports self-massage devices

Let's see now what they are the new main devices for sports self-massage:

The foam roller. It is a foam roller that is used to perform muscle recovery techniques. It is one of the most popular devices, due to its high effectiveness and its low price. The annoying Back painWhether caused by daily routine or sports practice, it can be alleviated with foam roller self-massage.

Self-massage mats. They are self-massage mats that also serve to relieve back pain. They help to perform muscle relaxation exercises and even to reduce cellulite. Self-massage mats are the favorites of the “celebrities” who are exhibited on social networks doing exercise and relaxation practices.

The self-massage balls. They are rubber balls with a high density and resistance, which exert a deep self-massage effect when squeezed. They are spherical and oval, depending on the member of the body that you want to use with them (hands, mainly, but not exclusively). Self-massage balls can have rubber spikes, like hedgehogs, that stimulate points on the skin by activating blood circulation and relaxing other points.

Massage guns

But the device that is trending at the moment is the massage gun, since after its arrival it has come to supplant the rest of manual devices. The massage gun delivers tiny vertical blows at high speed, causing a vibration that reaches the deepest fibers of the muscle.

In the past, massage guns were exclusively for elite athletes. But now their prices have become popular and they are affordable devices for all budgets.

Massage guns are hand-held electronic devices that apply percussion therapy. These are electric massagers with several heads, which vibrate at different intensity through a specific amplitude, frequency and torque. By putting them on the muscles, they relieve pain, improve mobility, promote muscle recovery and help increase performance.

Massage guns are very new tools, as their main manufacturers, although they have many years of experience, are beginning to reach the general public with popular prices for their different models.

There are several basic questions to take into account when buying a massage gun, such as the reliability of the device, the level of noise it causes, its autonomy or capacity of its battery or its functions.

Advantages of massage guns

The massage guns relax the superficial and deep muscles of the body; improve circulation, increasing blood and lymphatic flow; improve flexibility, coordination and performance; accelerate muscle recovery and repair; they favor the elimination of lactic acid; they activate the nervous system and warm the muscles; reduce muscle fatigue and relieve pain; help reduce stress, relieving muscle tension; reduce muscle stiffness and help regenerate scar tissue; relieve pain in chronic problems, such as damaged nerves, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, etc ...

Percussion therapy has not become fashionable by chance, but because it really works very well to relieve pain, regain muscle, and treat injuries.

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