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How to hold the line during confinement

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Maintaining the line during confinement with Coronavirus is possible. The happy and annoying virus continues to affect our daily lives also in sports and nutrition. However, there are a number of tips and practical advice that will help you hold the line and minimize losses. Keep the weight at bay thanks to The Runner's Bag.

During confinement we move less than usual. Our caloric expenditure is significantly reduced and if this were not enough we have more free time to eat and snack between meals. If you have seen your bikini operation slowed down or you are afraid that confinement will leave you ballast, this is your post!

Tips for maintaining the line during confinement

Move on: The royal decree determines that you can only leave the house to go to work or to buy basic necessities. This implies that taking the 10,000 steps a day recommended by the WHO becomes a very complicated task. The most important thing is that you be active during the long hours that you will be confined. If you live in a house you will have it easier, but if you live in an apartment you will have to pull the aisle and with a little luck from the balcony. Obviously reaching 10,000 steps without leaving the house is difficult, but I can assure you that any physical movement you can make, no matter how small, will help you speed up your metabolism and burn calories. Get up regularly and avoid lying on the couch for more than 60 minutes.

Prioritize certain foods: If we add hours of boredom to the devotion to food that many of us have, the combo can be especially dangerous. You don't have to obsess over food. We already have enough to spend long hours locked up at home so that above you have to spend the time in one of the few privileges that are available. Eat and eat what you need, but whenever you can, try to prioritize healthy foods. Fruit, vegetables, white meat or blue fish will be very useful these days. You can also eat satiating foods like potatoes, oat flakes or fat-free quark cheese. Occasionally treat yourself to a sweet or chocolate treat. At the end of the day, it is about taking the best of all this process. Food helps cheer us up and keep us psychologically strong. When everything has passed we will get down to work.

Sleeps: By reducing our physical activity drastically we end the day less tired and these can translate into a reduction in the hours of sleep. Try to prevent all this from taking its toll on your rest. Disconnect after dinner and try to get at least 8 hours of sleep a day. Sleeping will help you be more animated and have fewer hours available for thinking and eating. Also, don't go to sleep because you end up accommodating and entering a semi-depressive circle.

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Sports practice: This point is surely the most complicated. The cyclists who are in possession of a bicycle roller are the easiest to have it. However, not everyone is in possession of an exercise bike, roller or treadmill. In this situation you can improvise a circuit of easy and entertaining exercises to do at home during quarantine. What we seek is that our body remains as active as possible. Imagination goes a long way and as you could have seen, the variety of exercises you can do at home is bigger than you had thought.

Seize the day: I do not know if you will be one of those who can go to work relatively normally, if on the contrary you will have joined the trend of teleworking or if you are one of those who cannot work. Whatever your situation, I am convinced that you will spend many more hours at home than usual. Take advantage of this situation to do things that you would not normally do. Thoroughly clean the house, tidy up the ironing room that looks like a WWII bunker, or change the layout of a room. These are all actions that will help you keep your mind active and on top of that they will do wonders to speed up your metabolism and burn extra calories.

Be creative: Social networks are on fire. The confinement and the Coronavirus have come wonderfully (I hope I understand the expression) to bring out the most creative side of each of us. The imagination has no limits and with so many hours to think it is normal that curious and fun ideas come out to kill time. The challenges and nominations of Instagram have started a fun chain of actions. Join the car with the #yomequedoencasa.

It "normalizes" the situation: more than one will laugh at this point, but I guarantee that "normalizing" the situation is the best we can do. I am aware that it is very complicated, but try to carry a routine more similar to the usual. Get up at the time you normally would, stop wearing your pajamas all day, set a clear telework schedule, and try to keep your meals fixed. The (8/8/8) rule is perfect as an organization system. 8 hours to rest, 8 hours of work and 8 hours of leisure or dedication to personal matters.

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