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How to look like a more “pro” cyclist

look like a more pro cyclist

Social networks and posturing have long since reached the world of cycling and that is today it is of little use to be fine or spend a lot of money on clothes and material if you do not hang it on Instagram.

The amateur cyclist increasingly likes to pretend and less pedal. Sharing experiences on networks seems to have become an obligation and we have reached a point where everything goes as long as it looks better and offers a more "pro" image.

The word "pro" that does nothing was, and should continue to be, reserved for professional cyclists seems to have taken on a new dimension. Now everyone wants to be "cool." Everyone wants to be "pros".

The "pro" unlike the "globeros" are those cyclists who take care of their image. Those cyclists who throw themselves half an hour in front of the mirror before going out to train and those who take pictures with the bicycle inside the elevator. A selective but more and more numerous group of cyclists that is treading strongly with its new trends.

As you will understand the process is slow and expensive, especially economically, but There are a number of tips and prohibitions that you should keep in mind if you want to be part of the modern collective.


There is nothing uglier in a “pro” cave than to see a cyclist with hairy legs. Shave your legs and do it in both summer and winter. You never know when you can be exposed to the crowd. The hairs are history and if you want to be up to date you must learn to take care of your image. The hair removal can be laser or blade but make sure you do not leave a trace of body hair.

High sock. inside or outside?

Cycling socks have practically become a fetish element of the community. Good socks make a difference and although there are many designs the most important thing is that they are tall and tight. Don't even think about going out with ankle socks.

With the arrival of winter, debate is always generated. Sock inside or out ?. Among the “pros” it seems that the tendency to wear the sock outside the culotte is becoming increasingly stronger. Focus your attention on the color scheme. If you have doubts, white and black always hit!

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During winter socks inside or out?

Clean slippers

The shoes must always be clean and in perfect condition. If you practice road cycling with more reason. Wearing impolute shoes is practically mandatory. Wash them with a damp cloth and make sure they look perfectly. If a climb is approaching in which fireworks are foreseen you can take the opportunity to fasten your shoes. Adjusting the boas is a gesture that is very "pro". Among the different models of shoes the Specialized S-works take the cake.

Straight helmet

Do not neglect the helmet. An element that always has to go straight and tight. There are many helmets on the market but not all comply with the pre-established fees. If you want to save comments, buy an aero helmet in black or white. People question everything and dating a helmet that is too old can be cause for debate. Scratch your pocket and avoid being questioned.

Joint and tight clothing

There are many brands of clothing for cycling but the "pros" are not worth any brand. Choose one modern and expensive brand. Although it may not seem like the price is an important issue and it is very professional to go out to train with high-end clothing. The garments have to be tight and if you can wear a size less then better than better. Do not forget that in this world the need to appear sometimes passes ahead of one's own comfort. When you dress pay attention to the placement of the sleeves and take it easy so they are perfectly placed.

Modern and stunning glasses

Cycling glasses are more than just an element of protection. They are a complement to all the cycling attire and as such you have the obligation to pay attention. The glasses have to be large and colorful. As more aliens better and that is how you make sure that everyone talks about you. The models are becoming more aggressive so don't be afraid to innovate and buy new products. In this glasses it seems that everything goes as long as singing.

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The glasses always clean and as bigger and surprising better

Go out with the minimum

Don't even think about going out with your pockets full. A good "pro" comes out with the right thing. Pray that the cold or the rain won't catch you and if you are starving you will always have the option to stop at a gas station. The most surreal case is that the real professionals are the ones who come out perfectly equipped, with some clothes and extra food to get out of the way in case of setback. The air pump that is as small as possible and in the backpack under the saddle places the minimum and necessary. The Vittoria tool holder can give you the definitive “pro” touch that you have been looking for for some time.

Work social networks

A good "pro" have to take care of their image also on social networks. Currently it is not conceived that a modern and cool cyclist does not have an Instagram account. Posture for everyone to see and above all take care of your profile. English phrases are worth double and hashtags are mandatory to grow within the world. Label the brands, even if they don't give you anything and it's you who has to scratch your pocket.

Tattoos and mustache

This point comes linked to the above. The tattoos are in fashion and if you can do any related to the bike would be fantastic. The drawings are really good, but if you have doubts You can always go to Google in search of "motivational phrases." Among the men the mustache is hitting hard and even if it takes time and dedication you have no doubt that your effort will be positively valued within the community.

Flawless bike

The bike has to be high end. I'm not worth a "pro" with a 2005 bike. Take care of the accessories and equip yourself with good profile wheels. Even if you have no idea of ​​watts, put on a power meter as it always remains, very cool to talk about the power to weight ratio. Take the bike clean and in perfect condition. If your budget is somewhat tighter you always have the option to go to the retro roll! Vintage sells a lot and feels great on social networks.

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