News : How to prepare to run a 10k

News : How to prepare to run a 10k

An achievable goal for novice runners, a low-demand test to keep the most professionals in shape and an experience worth living for all running friends. Training time, tips and motivation to cheer up at 10k.

The feeling of freedom, self-improvement, the possibility of practicing it almost anywhere with or without company and the evident improvement in physical and mental condition, are some of the reasons why more and more people join running.

And it is in races and marathons where both those who are taking their first steps and those who have become professional, prove themselves and live unforgettable experiences. Every runner who enjoys his workouts enjoys reach the goal you have set. Or at least try.

Despite a season of paralysis due to restrictions on sanitary measures in the context of the pandemic, 10k races are getting organized again and are very popular, since it is a possible distance at an amateur level and a good opportunity to stay in shape for those who advance to professional levels.

Gadgets for runners that will help you in your training

Though a good pair of sneakers it is enough to start and basic to continue, there are a series of products and articles that undoubtedly improve the practice of this sport, making our training time more efficient and pleasant.

If you like to train with music, for example, it is best to do it with good wireless headphones prepared for running and you can review different models in this comparison. It is important to verify its autonomy, resistance to sweat and level of external noise cancellation.

The smartwach or smartband, are also a very popular gadget among runners, since they allow a detailed monitoring of the training at the same time that we monitor the state of our body during practice, monitoring heart rate, tension, etc.

With respect to Food supplements, provided they have proper medical supervision, can become a good ally to improve performance.

Training: The key to reaching 10k

Like any sporting event, it is necessary to prior physical and mental preparation. Launching into a 10k without proper training can cause injury, cause trauma, and turn a pleasant experience into a hard time.

A prior training of four to five weeks minimum. Training regularly and trying speed sessions according to the distance, is essential before facing the test.

That regularity must involve running at least one hour three days a week, alternating with 30-minute shoots on the remaining days. And obviously, the mileage must be increased gradually and in a planned way.

Changes in rhythm are also important, as they strengthen the muscles of the body, including the heart. Is about alternate 15, 30, or 60-second time intervals of slow and fast speed successively.

Finally, the sit-ups and stretching they are an obligatory part of any training session.

How to improve training week by week

During the organization of the last 10k in Zaragoza in 2019, the organizing entity CaixaBank proposed a four-week training with four days a week and four different levels.

In charge of these programs, was the national athletics coach, Sergio del Barrero. “The training plan must be realistic, adapted to our physical possibilities and availability of time to train, and ambitious so that it inherently incorporates a sufficient dose of motivation to carry it out “, says the expert.

A 4 week express training planIt implies running and being able to finish the 10k over 60 minutes the first week, between 50/55 minutes in the second, reaching the goal between 45/50 minutes during the third and, in the last week, arriving in 40/45 minutes.

This last objective will be achieved by athletes and runners accustomed to practicing sports and running regularly, while people who do sports with some frequency would arrive in 50/55 minutes.

Tips for race day

On the day of the competition, according to this coach, it is important rest, hydrate, wear comfortable clothing, and warm up well. “The day before the race, rest. Do not make any strong effort and let your body reach the race in optimal form “, says Sergio del Barrero and adds:” Before running, drink water and also during the test. Even when you’re not thirsty, drink at the refreshment station. Go comfortable (a) with light clothes and that you do not release the day of the test ”.

Finally, the expert assures that the most important thing is keep up with your own pace. “In training you will have found out what your ideal rhythm is. Take advantage of the fact that the race is signposted and check the time at each kilometer ”.

Train the mind as well as the body

The psychological factor and motivation are essential for any sporting event.

In the “Analysis of motivation in Spanish marathon runners”, developed by Francisco Ruiz-Juan and Antonio Zarauz Sancho of the University of Murcia and the Azcona Secondary Education Institute, respectively, it was concluded that “the motivations of a marathoner evolve as a function of the number of completed marathons, so that as they advance in experience, ego orientation becomes less important in favor of task orientation”.

The researchers also found that “the older marathoners in the present investigation mostly run health reasons, while the youngest do it more for reasons of overcoming personal goals-competition and psychological goals. This shows that, with age, the motivation of the runners is gaining in self-determination ”.

Either way, whatever the motivation that encourages a competitor, it is convenient not to lose sight of it both during training and on race day.

Your next 10k

As we mentioned before, after a few months of hiatus, the sports calendar of races and marathons has been reactivated.

With confirmed date, The 10k in Huelva will take place on May 1, 2021 and they have the organization of the Huelva Puerta del Discovery Marathon Club.

According to the evolution of the pandemic, the different autonomous communities will adjust their calendars and announce new competitions. It is advisable to stay in shape to be prepared when the calls are published.

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