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How to Relieve Joint Pain Naturally

If you suffer from pain and inflammation in the fingers and toes, stiffness that prevents you from getting out of bed, you know what we are talking about, arthritis and osteoarthritis affects children and adults, men and women.

Learn how to relieve joint pain naturally through your diet.

According to New Evas, a web page specialized in Arthritis, scientific evidence supports that a specialized diet for these diseases reduces osteoarthritis pain and reverses arthritis. Together with New Evas, we review the research carried out regarding a specialized diet for arthritis and osteoarthritis.

Specialized food for arthritis

Among the studies that show the benefits of changes in the diet in arthritis, the virtues of a diet with high healing capacity are highlighted.

A diet with high healing capacity encompasses foods from nature, which are rich in enzymes and are not processed.

Food with high healing capacity

Vegetarian food

A study published in Rheumatology showed that dietary changes towards this type of diet reduce the symptoms of arthritis and the immune response.

Changes in the intestinal immune response influence the inflammation of the joints, which decreases pain.

The diet evaluated in the study is It consists of vegetables, tubers, nuts and fruits.

Processed food free

Another study prepared in hospitalier center brings together the scientific evidence that a diet with foods with high healing capacity improves pain and stiffness.

Research shows that the elimination of certain foods, because they are processed and refined, improves pain, inflammation and stiffness.

Some of these foods are processed meats, alcohol, sweets, refined flours and derivatives.

It also highlights that you have to take care of some details. It is important to avoid consuming fruits in the form of packaged processed juices.

Packaged juices can form advanced glycosylation end products that cross the intestine and trigger the immune response.

Enzyme-rich food

In contrast, a new study conducted at the University of Kuopio, evaluated the response of people with arthritis to a diet rich in enzymes, which are found in raw foods.

As a result, a reduction in the activity of arthritis disease was observed. These benefits were also associated with the fact that these drinks are rich in chlorophyll and fiber.

Recall that chlorophyll is a green pigment found in green leafy vegetables.

Chlorophyll, fiber and numerous properties of plant-based foods such as antioxidants, iron and enzymes, modify the intestinal flora and thus reduce disease activity.

It was found as a conclusion that when the participants returned to their usual diet the symptoms of arthritis increased. (1) (2) (3)

Osteoarthritis food

Food with high healing capacity and weight loss

Significant excess weight, according to a study conducted at the University of Sydney, is a risk factor for the development and progression of osteoarthritis.

A diet with high healing capacity favors weight loss and the maintenance of a healthy weight.

In turn, decreases joint load and inflammatory substances, which allows joint care.

In the study, participants with osteoarthritis followed a diet with high healing capacity, that is, rich in plant-based foods, enzymes and free of packaged foods.

This account with the following virtues, is a Low calorie diet and has an adequate distribution of nutrients.

The calories are distributed in: 15 to 20% protein, 30% fat and 45 to 60% carbohydrates in order to achieve a calorie deficit between 800 and 1000 kcal per day.

The weight reduction achieved with the change of feeding decreases pain, improves functioning and prevents disability It occurs mainly due to osteoarthritis of the knee.

In contrast, excess fat is associated with a greater loss of cartilage and, conversely, a higher percentage of lean mass is protective.

Enzymes and antioxidants

Other advantages of a diet with high healing capacity according to Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases, is that it is Rich in antioxidant vitamins present in plant foods.

Among them we highlight, for example, vitamin E that is associated with a reduction in pain at rest, in movement and decreases the use of analgesics.

In turn, this vitamin controls inflammation by blocking inflammatory substances such as arachidonic acid.

Another vitamin, vitamin C, in addition to its antioxidant power, has important functions in cartilage growth protecting against wear and tear that occurs in osteoarthritis.

Fruits are rich in antioxidants and recent research conducted at the University of Nevada highlights the role of fruits as Cranberries, raspberries, strawberries, pomegranates in the treatment of osteoarthritis.

Among the recommended fruits, despite not being frequently consumed, olives and passion fruit are included.

Its consumption is advised as whole fruit or fresh and raw extracts.

This takes advantage of its enzymes and active compounds such as flavonoids, polyphenols such as anthocyanins, quercetin and phenols.

These compounds are associated with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and pain reduction properties. (4) (5) (6)

It is essential that changes in food for arthritis and osteoarthritis are made under expert advice to avoid nutritional deficiencies and imbalances.

Thinking about the needs of people with arthritis and osteoarthritis, Nueva Evas developed the Anti-Arthritis Program, a month-long meal plan, suitable for both diseases. Food treatment for arthritis is based on the scientific evidence mentioned about foods with proven value for arthritis and osteoarthritis.

With the added value that each person participating in the program has the ability to identify their own food intolerances through tests included in the program.

The Program has been developed and is accompanied by specialists in Nutrition and Food on a daily basis in a community, in which people who share their suffering from osteoarthritis and reverse their arthritis participate.

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