News : How to remove fat in the armpits without going through surgery

News : How to remove fat in the armpits without going through surgery

Abscesses, lumps, folds, rolls or love handles from the armpits. You can call them whatever you want, but it doesn’t stop being fat in the armpits that you can eliminate from today applying the tips that follow.

What is armpit fat?

Underarm fat is nothing but localized accumulation of subcutaneous fat consequence of your genetics, overweight, illness or sedentary life.

Visually we perceive it in the form of lumps, rolls and excesses of hanging skin located on the sides of the chest, just below the arms at their junction with the trunk.

Why does fat accumulate in the armpits?

The accumulation of fat in the armpits in the form of bags, abscesses, lumps, rolls or folds is the most common and, in fact, many men and women dare to undergo surgery to perform a axillary brachioplasty and eliminate it permanently.

But what if it is not necessary?

You already know that here we are in favor of eliminating fat with exercise and a balanced diet and, believe us, underarm fat rolls can also be reduced without reaching a step as drastic as surgery.


The first thing is to know why fat accumulates in the armpit area and, to begin with, you should know that people of all weights, ages and sizes can have fat in the armpits, although it is more common in women. The causes of its accumulation can be reduced in the following:

  1. Genetics. The distribution of body fat has a great hereditary influence and we cannot do anything against it.
  2. It is normal that, when overweight, subcutaneous fat tends to accumulate in the armpit area, just as the breasts grow or even the skin in the area tends to sag. In fact, excess breast tissue can also be disguised as armpit fat.
  3. Hormonal processes. The breast tissue and its surroundings are very sensitive to hormonal changes that take place during puberty, pregnancy and menopause. As the breasts grow, it is easier to accumulate fat in the area located under the armpit.
  4. Swelling of the axillary lymph nodes. Faced with infections, injuries or even diseases such as breast cancer or lymphoma can influence the appearance of fat in the armpits.
  5. Loss of firmness or lack of tone. Sometimes it is not a question of being overweight and you simply have not exercised for a long time to help you tone the area.
  6. Posture and bra too tight. They are not causes as such, but they do make the fat more visible. For example, a bra that is too tight can push the skin and fat and deform the entire area under the armpit.

How to get rid of underarm fat

If you have decided to eliminate these love handles from your armpits and show off a fat-free silhouette, it’s time to get the batteries:

Lose weight and reduce overall body fat from your metabolism. You know what eliminating localized fat is a myth, so you will have to work on reducing fat from the whole body and not just from the armpits.

To do this, start a balanced fat-free diet guided by an expert nutritionist and combine it with a training plan also include chest, back and arm exercises.

Best exercises to eliminate fat in armpits

We have selected some of the best exercises to tone and eliminate fat from the arms, armpits and back:


You can do many types of them and even do burpees incorporating a pushup jump to do some cardio and burn fat.

French triceps press

Lying on a bench, grab the bar with the weights and lift upwards and then lower it vertically, flexing arms

Triceps press

In a seated position, grab a dumbbell and bring your arm up, then bring it back, flexing the elbow. The dumbbell will be at the nape of your neck, even slightly below, depending on your range of motion. Raise and lower the items contained in your training plan.

Triceps extension

Hold a dumbbell, bottle, or similar in each hand and place your arms vertically toward the ceiling. From there, bend your elbows towards your head until you make a 90 degree angle. Go back up. Repeat.

Chest press

On your back, with a dumbbell in each hand, bring your elbows out to a 90 degree angle with your arms.


Lying on your stomach, support your forearm on the floor and the balls of your feet and raise your hips so that your body is completely straight. Hold on as long as you can, rest and repeat.


Very similar to planks, the only thing that you rest here on the palms of the hands and the elbow is kept flexed backwards by almost 90 degrees. Go up and down like push-ups.

You can also do them by supporting your knees and lifting your legs back (half push-ups).

Bicep curl

You can do it sitting or standing, with both arms or one at a time. Simply grab a dumbbell and bring it up to your shoulder, flexing your elbow.

Seated rowing

You can do it on the rowing machine if you go to the gym, but if you are at home you can also do it with an elastic band. You will work your back and arms. In a sitting position, you just have to grab the bands with both hands at chest level and stretch, bringing your arms bent backwards.

Final tips to reduce body fat

It is true that in some cases it is necessary to undergo surgery to completely remove that unsightly fat from the armpits, but it is much more motivating to get it through a balanced diet and exercise plan. You’ll feel better and reap greater benefits than doing it the fast, dangerous, and expensive route.

Don’t forget to practice cardio at least 4 times a week to burn fat and even combine all these exercises with strength training. We assure you that you’re going to greatly reduce those pockets of fat in the armpits. In addition, your general well-being is going to be multiplied by a thousand. Get started today!

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