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How to unclog your nose instantly: tricks that do work

Have you also succumbed to colds from the first cold days of autumn? It is a time when it is normal to get stuck and suffer the famous nasal congestion that only allows you to breathe through your mouth.

And why fool us? If the stuffy nose is a nuisance without sports, imagine when you go for a run or to the gym. It is awful. Therefore, we have compiled a lot of tricks and methods for you to learn how to unclog your nose.

How to unclog the nose: best methods

This is like everything. There are many methods to decongest the nostrils, but the truth is that not all work.

Here are some useful massages, the effectiveness of humidifiers and some home remedies.

Exercises and massages to decongest the nose

These techniques serve to release the nostrils instantly, but it is true that it is not the infallible method that manages to eliminate mucus or anything like that. Simply, they are comforting massages:

Place your fingers in the eyebrow area and make small circles for a few minutes. You can also do it on the wings of the nose and even in the area between the nose and the upper lip.

Immediately afterwards it is recommended to blow your nose. Since these massages serve to open the nostrils, it is a good time to release mucus and for that nothing better than the handkerchief.


Who says buy a humidifier device also says to make a homemade one. That is your decision.

The fact is that a humid environment facilitates the breathing of people with nasal congestion, but it is important to consider what is the percentage of humidity in your home and if you really need to spend money on one of these devices.

As a cheap and homemade alternative, and which we will discuss below, you can use a pot to boil water with eucalyptus and then vacuum it. Surely you've seen it many times in the movies ... and it's because it works!

Home remedies for nasal congestion

Machine learning, recycling, super advanced technologies, running gadgets ... there is no doubt that society evolves, but yes, home remedies for certain things are still as effective as they were before. And this is what happens with some of those used to unclog the stuffy nose.

We will talk about three Home remedies to unclog the nose: salt water washes, onion and water vapor that we mentioned in the previous point.

Decongest with water and salt (salt water washes)

Salt water or buy single-dose saline, is indifferent. The really important thing here is the pressure with which you inject water into the nostril so that it comes out of the other pit next to it.

The nasal shower is known in the world of yoga by the name of Neti and will help you eliminate the incrustations of mucus, thereby increasing its ability to extract and assimilate the air. The head must be kept tilted until the solution begins to penetrate the upper hole and exit through the lower one. When it is finished, one of the nostrils has to be covered alternately and blow hard through the other.

We leave you a video so you can see better how to do a nasal wash correctly when there is excess mucus because thus, written, it is more complicated to explain:

With onion

It's typical, surely your mother or grandmother did it to you sometime when you were little.

Simply, it is about splitting half an onion and leaving it in the room while you sleep. The smell is super unpleasant, but as you are probably congested and do not smell anything, it will not be so bad.

It is a home remedy for congestion that has been used for a long time, especially in children.

Water steam

Heat water with an infusion of eucalyptus and be careful not to burn yourself. You simply have to place your head on the water vapor that rises from the pot and inspire it. If you can cover your head with a cloth to improve the inspiration of water vapor.

And in the case of one-year-old babies?

In this case, it is also highly recommended to place a humidifier or vaporizer in the child's room that will allow him to breathe more comfortably thanks to the unblocking of the nostrils in more humid environments.

Apart from the humidifier it is also important to unlock the nostrils with the typical mucus extraction devices or with salt water washes that allow a perfect cleaning of the nose. They can be made with physiological serum sold in supermarkets or pharmacies.

Run colds yes or no?

There are multiple opinions about whether you can or should run with a cold- If we rely on the opinions of medical experts we can summarize:

  • Running with the first symptoms of a small cold may become advisable to open the airways and expel the mucus.
  • Going for a run if there is a feverish state or if it is difficult to breathe normally is a real madness.

A congestion, sore throat or small mucus is no apparent reason to stop playing sports. However, if you have muscle pain, fever and you have trouble breathing, you can forget the sport for a few days. If you want to know more, check the tips for running a cold.

And here is our advice on how to unclog the nose when there is nasal congestion. What are you waiting for to start breathing and running normally? Some work instantly!

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