News : HSV striker breaks his silence: Bobby Wood is not just talking goals

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HSV striker breaks his silence: Bobby Wood is not just talking goals

For Bobby Wood, the test was at Oberligist Buchholz 08 to the holiday, three times met the US boy at 13: 1 (5: 0). Sure, goals against a fifth division are not necessarily an indicator. For Wood, however, the kick should at least be regarded as a beginning and a small break in better times.

"Every goal is important, they always do well," Wood explained. "That's cool!" Success experiences in the triple pack, which he needed. Most recently, the striker had met Hannover 96 in January, twice in the test against the Dutch honor division hero Heracles Almelo. Basically, two totally messed up years behind Wood, with few goals and two descents. First with the HSV, then with Leihklub Hannover. On the time at 96 (in which he scored three Bundesliga goals), he looks back reluctantly. "It was a long year," says Wood. "In the beginning it was okay. But then it was a very difficult situation for me. "

Wood relies on HSV coach Hecking

Is everything getting better now? Wood believes in it and relies on HSV coach Dieter Hecking. "You realize that he has a lot of experience," said the 26-year-old. "He wants to give everyone confidence. That's good for us all. Every player feels good when the coach trusts him. "

A first, small effect is recognizable in Wood. He knows, "I just have to believe in my strengths and then somehow pull it off. Just do my things, then it will work. "That's exactly what Hecking explained to him in a four-eye conversation.

In the end, after two bad years then once again a success - for Wood personally and the HSV. They want to get up. "That's the goal," says Wood. He himself had already been written off and now wants to help a lot. What speaks for: Wood feels comfortable at HSV. "I feel like I've never been away," he says.

This article was written by Simon Braasch

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