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HSV transfer: Leibold comes at a bargain price

The next new one lands in Volkspark. Tim Leibold changes from 1. FC Nürnberg to HSV. On Friday, the 25-year-old completes his medical check in the UKE, after which he should sign a three-year contract. The HSV gets the left-back for a bargain price. And now had to act fast.

Actually, Leibold should only come to HSV, when Douglas Santos leaves the club. The problem: So far, no interested party has reported that is willing to pay a two-digit million sum for the Brazilian. When and if this will happen at all is unpredictable. Since one prefers to act rather than react to HSV, the Santos replacement has now been fetched, without it being even clear whether the position in the team is really free. Had the HSV waited even longer, Leibold would not have been on such favorable terms.

Tim Leibold changes to the bargain price of 1.8 million euros to HSV

According to MOPO information pay the Hamburger for Leibold only a fee of 1.8 million euros. It makes possible a corresponding clause in his contract. However, this only applies until 30 June. The HSV had to act quickly, otherwise Nuremberg could have determined the price. Then Leibold, who made 32 Bundesliga games for the "club" last season, would certainly have become significantly more expensive.

This article was written by Florian Rebien

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