News : 'Hurricane' Hawkins, the woman who continues to break records with 103 years

News :

'Hurricane' Hawkins, the woman who continues to break records with 103 years

The world is full of heroics, of anonymous protagonists who make real barbarities, of people who break molds and who "knock out" in a stroke the clichés that continue to have so much force in our society. In particular the planet athletics leaves us every 'x' time stories that deserve to be told, that go around the world, but perhaps only value in its fair measure the lovers of this beautiful and suffered sport. The last one comes from the other side of the pond. The main actress is called Julia Hawkins, she is 103 years old and receives the affectionate nickname of 'Hurricane'. It should be remembered that in the Stock Exchange of the Corridor we recently entered into the history of Manuel Alonso, who with 83 years ran an 800 in 3'04 "...

Hawkins, an inspiration for his family

Julia has already been known for several exploits, but the last occurred this weekend in the framework of the National Veteran Games played in New Mexico (United States). 'Hurricane' did not break his personal record in the 100 meters (it's 46 "), but he obtained the World Record for being the most veteran athlete to compete in this event. The part that is perhaps most "endearing" (everything is in it) is that Hawkins began to run at 100 years of age. She says she competes and runs to impress her family: "I want to be an inspiration. I want you to realize that you can still do things when you get older, that age should not be a barrier. "

In the 50 meters, the American athlete clocked a time of 21.06 seconds, a record also in the category of Senior Games for the women's division of more than 100 years.

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