News : Husillos gives Broncano from La Resistencia the unwashed monkey from Torun

News : Husillos gives Broncano from La Resistencia the unwashed monkey from Torun

Spindles smiles as Broncano tries on his jersey

Spectacular the interview that Óscar Husillos left in La Resistencia. The brand-new 400-meter European champion, who made a superb performance in the final where he beat the three Dutch, great favorites to occupy the box, was natural and very spontaneous in one of the fashionable programs of the grid of the current Spanish television. The Astudillo one went to the set to see Broncano wanting to ‘jarana’ and the truth is that he left the presenter and comedian with a disheveled face on more than one occasion.

A stinking jersey

Among other things, the Spanish athlete gave him the monkey with which he ran the three tests (series, semifinals and final) that he played at the Arena Toruń. While he was trying it on, Broncano decided to ask him if he had at least had the decency to wash it before taking it to the program, to which Husillos responded with an enigmatic “I ran the three tests with him”, without wanting to remove the daisy. . The point is that the outfit, according to the host of La Resistencia, gave off a rather nauseating stench. It was certainly one of the funny scenes of the night. That and seeing how the monkey suited Broncano, who certainly did not fill him with the muscle and fiber of Oscar.

What’s more, During the interview they submitted the long-awaited medal obtained by Husillos to a small chemical experiment. With the so-called ‘touchstone’ a specialist in the field grated the metal to make a series of checks before Oscar’s panicked face. The conclusion is that the ‘gold’ of the prey contained little gold and a lot of silver, copper, tin, etc. In addition, they valued it at about 650 euros.

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