News : Hutchinson, the sprinter coach who has become a symbol

News :

Hutchinson, the sprinter coach who has become a symbol

Hutchinson has become a legend in England

There are anonymous characters that we will never recognize and that will not have the recognition they deserve for having carried out some heroicity. In the end going down in history may depend on a simple photo, that someone is on the trigger at a precise moment and in a place that perhaps was not even reserved for something unique to happen. Patrick Hutchinson is a 49-year-old English sprinter coach. So far, nothing in particular.

A late vocation

Patrick started late in athletics; in fact, he was not an outstanding athlete, simply at 40, dAfter practicing some martial arts and soccer during childhoodHe found the path he wanted to follow, that of training. He currently has a group of about 40 athletes at Hercules Wimbledon AC, a club that brings together athletes from many ethnicities and social classes. “I am from the Croydon area, known for being the birthplace of many talented athletes. I've brought quite a few to the club, that's why it's so multicultural, "said Hutchinson for" World Athletics. "

But the life of this anonymous character turned 360º just a few days ago. Specifically, it was June 13. Amid waves of protests over the death of African-American George Floyd and under the slogan 'Black Live Matters', in London the black community (and not only it, of course, but many anti-racists of all kinds) took to the streets to protest .

Street violence

Some of these mobilizations turned violent and they ended up with shattered statues and some massive fights. A friend who works in private security contacted Patrick and told him, along with other friends, to go to the protest to try to ensure that there were no violent acts and that some young man lost his mind and ruined his life. Hutchinson and his group had managed to quell several fights, most notably from some exalted who had taken it with a white citizen indiscriminately.

Until the image arrived. The photo. A 55-year-old man (Bryn Male) was lying on the ground and being beaten by a group of protesters. “They left him alone. There were some people trying to protect him from aggression, not just us. If God had not done it alone, he knew what could have happened, "says Hutchinson. Patrick's friends formed a barrier and he carried him on his back to break through and leave him in a safe place. "I was only seeing a human being on the ground, it would not have ended well if we had not intervened"he comments. In the days that followed that action and once the iconic image spread like wildfire, Hutchinson has become a legend of anti-racism, especially in Britain.

In fact, the ‘Daily Mail’ contacted the citizen he saved, who very gratefully said “I would love to shake hands with the person who saved my life”. One of Patrick's most promising athletes is Freddie Arkell, the leader of the British 200 last year in the sub'15 category.

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