News : "I am ready to run against Kipchoge"

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"I am ready to run against Kipchoge"

Bekele and Kipchoge, in a file image
Bekele and Kipchoge, in a file image

It is surely the phrase that many of us have been dreaming for a long time. A duel Bekele-Kipchoge, taking into account the barbarities that both have achieved this 2019, it is pure caviar, cinnamon sticks, a wet dream or all the expressions you want to use about it.

Welcome back, Kenenisa

The Ethiopian returned this year to the very Brandenburg Gate to display all his wisdom, which is much, after 3 short months of preparation. And wow it showed. With his incessant corkscrew in the shape of a grinder he rewrote the history of the marathon reaching a record of 2:01:41, just two seconds from the world record, consolidating - in case there were any doubts - the reign of the world fund. Many considered it consumed. Most had not even imagined that, at 37 years of age and after the last three in semi-disappearance / decline, he would see Kenenisa again enjoying and shining in the distance of Philippi.

Waiting for the details of a duel that may not come

"I am ready to run against Kipchoge," the Bekoji-born athlete has recently commented openly, bluntly and clearly. At noon on September 29, Bekele returned to the foreground with that marcon in Berlin, in the ‘mecca’. 14 days later, Kipchoge became the first human being to go down in two hours in a marathon. Two feats that make us dream that this Ethiopian challenge will come true and both end up citing wherever, in the Tokyo Games (the marathon will run in Sapporo), in London, again in Berlin, where they feel like it.

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