News : "I am sure that the Games will be held next year"

News :

"I am sure that the Games will be held next year"

Sebastian Coe, sure that the Games will be played in 2021

The top dog of world athletics, the former athlete Sebastian Coe, has been in charge of dispelling any doubts about the celebration of the Tokyo Olympics postponed to 2021. Coe has been forceful and clear and, in addition, has assured that it is working jointly with the IOC to redistribute the competitions that were already scheduled for next year and that can be played with 'normality' and without stepping on the Olympic event, without a doubt the great goal of all sports for (hopefully) 'Year I postcoronavirus'. For example, the Eugene World Athletics Championship has been delayed by one year so that it can be fought in 2022 with full guarantee.

Five summers of great competitions

"Obviously this is not the ideal situation, but if we see it from an optimistic perspective in the next five summers we are going to have great first class international competitions in the world of athletics. Moving the Eugene World Cup one year will not have very important consequences for our Federation. Financially we are not a rich sport, but our good administration assures us of a strong base, ”he comments for‘ ’Coe.

“These are very uncertain times and we must make prudent decisions, nobody knows what will happen in the future. It should be noted that the national federations, which form the ‘World Athletics’, must be able to continue with the opportunity to develop the sport in more than 200 countries on our planet, ”continues Coe, adding that“I have a very close relationship with Thomas Bach, President of the IOC. We had to deal with the fact that even though we wanted to keep all of our competitions we were losing that battle because of how the virus was progressing. Once the Games moved to 2021 there was no point in keeping the World Cup, it was throwing rocks at our own roof. ”

Nor does it contemplate that the Games are not held

On whether there is no ‘b’ plan in case the Games cannot be held, Coe does not even contemplate it: “It is very important that the athletes know that the competitions are going to take place next year. I really hope that the pandemic can be contained. I am sure that the Games will be held next year. And then the decisions regarding the 2022 World Cup will have already been made. We are talking about a World Cup that takes place in two years and I vouch that we will be able to maintain those goals, ”says the president of the‘ World Athletics ’.

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