News : “I have 300,000 km on my legs: there are many cars that cannot stand that”

News : “I have 300,000 km on my legs: there are many cars that cannot stand that”

These days in which the difference in terms of suffering and physical load between footballers and athletes has been put on the map a bit, see the interview that TVE conducted with Martín Fiz makes us aware of the extreme toughness of athletics, the enormous difficulty and responsibility of staying in the elite when you savor it, the fine line between fighting or not for the privileged positions, how complicated it is to maintain a peak of form and the moral and physical blows of any injury. Who better than the champion of Europe (in Helsinki ’94) and of the World (in Gothenburg ’95) to analyze a little the hardness and rawness of athletics and to put into context the enormous amount of kilometers and wear to which it is submits the professional of this discipline.

The beginnings

“It is not all gold that glitters. I come from a town in Salamanca, my parents emigrated from there to Vitoria. We were three brothers, the slippers passed from brother to brother and were used for everything. From a very young age I started running around the school. I handed out eggs, I gave out wedding cakes, all to pay for some slippers. I started with the cros, which was lived intensely in the Basque country ”, Martín commented during the interview on the Teledeporte program ‘Álvarez Café’ together with the journalist Jesús Álvarez.

Beginnings in the cros and the bottom

“My idea had always been the bottom line. 5,000, 10,000, but the final meters were more complicated for me. More or less I have calculated, 50 years after I started running, that I have about 300,000 kilometers on my legs. If I had to pass the ITV it would be difficult. I have had a privileged musculature, I think, to endure all this ”, he analyzed. Spectacular.

“In Barcelona’92 I fulfilled the dream of being an Olympian in 5,000. I took the lead, but I couldn’t be a finalist because I didn’t have that final plus. He was happy, but wanted more. I had to find a test that would fit me better. Those last 200 meters in Barcelona everyone passed me. That’s when I decided to go to the marathon, ”he says.

Surprising marathon debut

“I remember July 93. I competed a 10,000 in Oslo. I wanted to get off 28 minutes. I had 5,000 I had to stop and retire because I was muscularly exhausted. I was crushed and told Mustard to find a test that would suit me. I went in August Helsinki, a popular marathon. I barely had a month to prepare. I started doing 200km a week. The result is that I adapted very well and was surprised. I was the best rookie in a marathon event. 2:12 minutes. A great brand ”, he adds.

“When Gebrselassie came to Spain I wanted to put the batteries to him. Haile is the best but sometime you have to beat him, he will never win himself. Every time he came they told him that he was going to meet a tiny little boy who was going to put the batteries. The image of Martin Fiz as a witch or a devil was created for Kenyans. They used me to train harder ”.

“The life of an athlete is not that easy. The scale always has to be balanced. I arrived in Athens in my best shape, but mentally I fell apart“, He assures about the 96 Games.


The news “I have 300,000 km on my legs: there are many cars that can’t stand that” originally appeared in La Bolsa del Corredor.

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