News : “I think my body is younger than it says my age”

News : “I think my body is younger than it says my age”

Bruno Hortelano, in a file image / EFE

Bruno Hortelano, Spanish record holder of 100, 200 and 400 meters and who will reappear on Saturday in a 200-meter race in Tenerife, declared this Tuesday in an interview with EFE Radio that his objective is to find his limit and that he believes that his body “is more young ”of what his chronological age says. “My goal is to find my limit. And I have discovered that I have a limit beyond what I thought because by fixing small differences in my lifestyle I have been able to avoid injuries, “he said.

“That opens the doors to other types of limits that I could not consider before. This year I want to enjoy that physical and corporal freedom and open those doors to a new place for me. If I tell you that at the Games I’m going for the semifinal, final or medal, I think I’m going to be limiting myself. I prefer to say nothing and let the results prove everything“, He added to Efe Radio.

Small details

Hortelano believes that everything high-level athletes face, “and at the highest level, such as the Olympian, there is a saying: ‘The devil is in the details.” “And those who are capable of preparing those little details that are going to dislodge others are going to have a certain advantage. I have this very much in mind and my team and I are preparing all those little details, within the giant uncertainty that exists this year, to plan and prepare my body and my mind to different stimuli that can alter us, such as the situation of the pandemic ”, he adds.

He recalled that the Games were postponed, “but this time has not been stopped.” “Y I have been able to buildIf everything had been normal a year ago, I would have arrived in Tokyo in good shape but with many injuries that prevented me from maximizing one hundred percent of my training sessions. And this year I have been able to build and I think I will be better than I would have been in 2020 and from what we are seeing in training, everything indicates that we are on that line, ”he told Efe Radio.

In addition, he said that this year he is focusing on 200. “But I think I have improved in everything. I haven’t done a quality 100 for a few years, in 2018 I did 400. But the training of all distances forms that part of union that ends up giving results in the 200. And I consider myself a general sprinter, but you can’t cover everything in one season, and I’m talking about reaching “the top of the top,” that those are my ambitions, “he said.

Mental matter

Hortelano does not believe that time has been wasted: “I think my body is younger than what my chronological age says. But, in any case, I do not consider that there has been time wasted. I do not believe in the time lost in this life, time is limited and in these last almost five years since the accident I had I have been able to learn a lot and I believe that I have grown deeply as a person. I have been transformed and there has been a certain internal metamorphosis in me. And now more than ever in life, I am taking advantage of every moment being aware of the philosophical concept of my mortality and being more connected to life, “he said.

Back to the ring

Hortelano announced this Tuesday that on Saturday he will reappear in Tenerife: “We are finally back on track! I really want to start seeing the fruit of so much training. First step towards goal # Tokyo2020. Saturday March 27th. Tenerife, Antonio Domínguez Stadium. 13:00 (Canary Island time). 200ml ”, specified the sprinter in a tweet.

“Stay tuned, here we go,” claims Hortelano, who has not competed since last August 23, when he had to retire injured in the 200 meters of the Stockholm meeting, in which he was facing his first 200 of the season. Hortelano has not participated in the indoor season this year and is planning to run the 200 meters at the Tokyo Olympics.

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