News : "I want to be the best Fernando Carro in history"

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"I want to be the best Fernando Carro in history"

Fernando Carro, this season
Fernando Carro, this season

Fernando Carro is a guy with whom it's a pleasure to talk about anything: athletics, football, life ... But as it comes to achieving a marc in Rome and doing minimum for Doha and for the Games, the interview that he gives us is inevitable that he has an aroma of training, competition and sacrifice. But then it is inevitable that it will drift into other things and that it will end up crossing everything. Because he is like that, a different athlete, open and, as he admits, that connects with people. We chat with @get on board in program 21 of the second season of Radio del Corredor.

How does it feel to have achieved the great goal more than 15 months ago?

"I think in the end it's a quiet moment, a time when you can put things in context and now you can face preparation for the World Cup as a prelude to the Games as a great final goal. It's much better to train, more relaxed, you do not have that pressure. It is true that the year of Rio did the minimum well in advance, but not with this solvency.

Many people have 'climbed into the Car' after your money in Berlin?

"I think it is true that there are people who have joined this idea, this madness. Above all thanks to the media and to that very relevant result that I got in Berlin. I think I connect quite well with people. But those who were already there are treating me exactly the same and that is the key to being able to stay hungry. "

Did you expect that marcon in Rome?

"It's true that I've had some complication in the last month and a half after the World Cup in Denmark that I did so hard. I went to 10,000, the preparation that we do not like, keeping the volume of load to give some air to the preparation of the outdoors and not stop suddenly after the cross. There several factors coincided and that overwhelmed me enough with an inflammation in the tendon. It was not serious, it did not rekindle the ghosts of Rio, but he had to be careful. For all this the feeling was that he had not trained everything he had to train for Rome"

Do you think that the best ones, the Africans, are already beginning to see that mane in the tartan with different eyes?

"I think they are still a step above me as a partner, but I think I already dream. I imagine that in some competition I will have the opportunity to address them, to measure myself face to face. The time has come to reach these brands without it being something atypical. I believe that my roof is above the mark in Rome, I saw that I could give more. This year the objective is to be able to run with 'ease' in these registers, that would give me a lot of assurance and look with different eyes to the finals of World and Olympic Games ".

Now you will select very well where you compete until Doha ...

"I think that's what you have to save now. That aftertaste that I've taken away, I want to keep it to myself. My question is: After having recovered progressively is it time to play or force? I do not think so, you have to get back in the air and know how to select the competitions. Now all the organizers of the Diamond fight over me, so to speak, and you have to know how to choose ".

How do you see that Doha World Cup that for some is a bit of a 'nuisance'?

"My coach, a priori, the first time we saw the calendar I did not even want him to participate in Doha In case it could be harmful to Tokyo. But I see it as a candy, as an opportunity. Only that there are a couple of first level athletes who have thought the same, in the end it is an opportunity to achieve an almost unique medal. To start, get into a World Cup final, something I have never done. And I can not think about being in the Olympic final if I have not reached one before a great competition. For me, Tokyo is very interesting. "

The marchers are training with the army to combat the temperatures in Doha. Will you do any special preparation?

"First of all I was competing in 2009 in Doha, I competed in December and it was hot. I imagine that in October it will still be hotter. Keep in mind that the track has been conditioned so that despite being outdoors, which should not be able to maintain an air conditioning circuit, it seems that you do not notice almost the current. Inside the stadium is not going to notice and I think the feeling in the stadium will be the same as that of a covered track, with that sensation of dryness in the mouth. I will arrive as late as possible, yes, to be able to be the day before. "

Do you consider yourself a different athlete, a mirror for neighborhood kids with fewer resources who dream of succeeding in sports?

"When you talk about that interview with Varona, the flashback of this summer came to my mind as I stayed with the kids in the neighborhood to make a barbecue at home and one of them made a beat box base and rapped Varona's interview. I think this interview represents me and I represent those guys. "

"I think that in certain more personal characteristics or when competing, one could consider that I connect in that way as a neighborhood runner, of caste, but what is at the attitude level I would say that I am quite effective, regardless of whether my technique is not the most aesthetic of the circuit. I say this because I have been working with Arturo Martín for many years and along with him there is a scholar, Carlos Besalobre, who works with us and has analyzed how we run all the athletes in my group, with a beautiful, stylized run. In my case, with these applications I have analyzed and I am very very effective. The time I am on the ground, the way to move, to push that I have, I think that's why I run so much. Beyond those skills that have developed in the neighborhood, run behind the bus, in the subway ... ".

"In my test historically there have been specialists who could only run my test and that could lead to not dignifying the 3,000 obstacles. In my case I think I have records and I am competitive both in the cross and in the 10,000, the 5,000, the 3,000 in indoor track. I'm not very aesthetic in appearance, but very effective because I can adapt to several disciplines. "

What does Fernando Carro believe that has much room for improvement yet?

"I think right now I'm running very well in disciplines like the 10,000 or the 5,000, but that's where I have my niche market, I have the soul of a long-distance. I recently made one of the Blume records in the stress test. I have very good values ​​in terms of anaerobic or aerobic value. The obstacle is not prepared as a technical test as many athletes do. In the 5,000 and 10,000 I have a brutal margin in both and I can grow a lot. Although my way of jumping the fences is not very beautiful I think it is effective. Look at the Kenyans, who jump sideways and many would like to go at their pace. "

What economic impact does it have for an athlete to win a medal in a major championship?

"To give you an idea, I am an athlete who had already moved well on the cross track (last year, I think I was the fourth athlete in our country), who had already gone to World Cups and who had made great records, has multiplied by two my fixed virtually after the medal in Berlin. And above all there is the support of a brand like Nike, which hits the table. That did not exist before. I know him now after seeing the face and the cross of athletics. That makes me have my feet on the ground. I am an athlete who has achieved a great record and I know that they expect a lot from me, but I also love a lot of them. That remuneration that I have behind carries a responsibility. "

Fernando Carro would be happy if he came back from Doha ...

Being in the final is a responsibility and being among the first eight is a small gift to a trajectory, to talk about big things and to be close to the best. I have always mentioned and that is what I want to convey, it's a fight against myself, I want to be the best Fernando Carro in history. It would be a reward for a career and in the end being in the final of a Games would be incredible. A gift for me, for my coach, for my family, colleagues, rivals ...

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