News : "I was running out of my strip, I saw the police and I sat down to have a beer"

News :

"I was running out of my strip, I saw the police and I sat down to have a beer"

Two runners drink beer in the United States

The other day someone (I don't remember who, I just kept the phrase in my head) posted this phrase on Twitter. “I was running out of my strip and I ran into the police; As we are in Phase 1 and after 10 in the morning I can no longer run, I sat on a terrace and had five beerss ”. It seems like something out of a cheap monologue, but the truth is that many of the Spanish ‘runners’ are currently in this situation.

Overwhelmed by a sea of ​​phases and measures that if you blink are updated and you have not noticed, the runners and runners who are in Phase 1 right now have before them a curious tessitura. The strips for sports are maintained (from 6 to 10 in the morning and from 20 to 23 at night) and the terraces of the bars are opened in 50% of their capacity. What's going on? That you can go to them at any time of the day, there are no restrictions.

A feeling of some inconsistency

That brings us to a logical sense of inconsistency. That something is not quite working. You can go when you want to the terrace of a bar to swell up with beers, but instead when the clock strikes 10:01 you can already get up and press to get home as soon as possible so you won't be fined. And from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. or if you happen to put on your jersey or trail shoes to do outdoor sports because you will be incurring one of the restrictions of this first phase of de-climbing. Of course, if you want to go with nine colleagues to drink gin and tonic as if there were no tomorrow, you can take the car at any time and go for the whole afternoon if necessary.

Beyond the 'liberation' (also logical) that DAN and federated athletes have had in this regard (to a lesser extent), the fact is that the fact that the limits of not leaving the municipality and the fringes with outdoor sport is quite inexplicable. Now you can move freely with the car within your region or health area, but you're still boxed for sports. Something that changes in the zones that are in Phase 2 (more than half of the population as of this Monday, the 25th), which should only respect the strips for older people and they can go out the rest of the day whenever they want.

Anyway, I suppose that it is very difficult for it to rain to everyone's taste, but it is still funny until situations like the headline that accompanies this news occur. Enjoy your beers at any time and get up early or stay up late to spice up your body.

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