News : "I was very nervous thinking that you were not alive"

News :

"I was very nervous thinking that you were not alive"

Alfredo Varona and Domingo Olivares, who was the kid who told him about the history of @ jokin4318, They reconstruct the last 4 years of Joaquín Carmona in the library, on his laptop, in his own world. "I didn't want to imagine you were sleeping on the street."

Domingo Olivares is the 26-year-old young man who works at the University of Turin (Italy) and who, from there, told me where Joaquín Carmona was.

Domingo Olivares is the young man who today wrote in the first person: “I am very glad that life has given you an opportunity, Joaquín. You deserve it. "

Domingo Olivares is also the boy that Joaquín probably would not understand: "You may wonder why I never told you anything."

Domingo Olivares was a Chemistry student at Complutense who was going to the library to study and who met Joaquín Carmona in September 2015. “I tell you that I met you because we shared a table, but we only met one greeting and helped each other place the laptop plug ”.

Domingo Olivares is also the young man who was curious. "And I recognize it. I didn't know who you were, but you were the person I saw every weekend, summer or winter. I tried to talk to you once out of curiosity, but it seemed difficult: you were always focused on your laptop and you wouldn't stop even on the landings from the library.

And that's why Domingo Olivares was the young man who always came home wondering: "Who is this person that I see every day?"

Because curiosity is also very healthy. “One day he touched us at the same table, like so many times, but this time I saw a DNI on the floor. I went to pick it up, I saw your photograph and I noticed your name ”.

Domingo Olivares acknowledges that one day he fixed his gaze on Joaquín's computer screen and left doubts: "This man is an expert in athletics." The day he had to sit behind him, he pulled back with curiosity. “I saw your picture with your name @ jokin4318 on Twitter. I went in and saw that you had thousands of followers. ”

Another day, Domingo Olivares told his friends and Fernando Rus, a good amateur athlete, told him: "That man is the person who knows the most about athletics in Spain." He went crazy. And then he began to ask in the library if anyone knew anything about Joaquín Carmona, but nobody knew. “We only knew that when you left the Pío Baroja library you would sit in the street until very late. And there you were always with your laptop ", remember.

Pio Baroja Public Library

Domingo Olivares never thought of the worst. "Joaquín, I did not imagine you were sleeping on the street, because I saw you very neat. You were physically well (better than me) and you were always very polite. You came with a backpack and your laptop until, suddenly, one day talking to the people in the library on the landing they told me that they saw you sleeping in the park. What a scare. I relaxed the next day when they told me they saw you dealing cards. "

Domingo Olivares will not forget that other day either "where we were practically alone in the library, and two destitute people came to you, you told them that you were working and that now you couldn't help them because you were busy. It was very strange to me. I wanted to think you were getting them food, but this filled me with questions that in the end I didn't ask you. ”

Domingo Olivares went to Italy in October 2018, and lost track of him. But a couple of days ago, Fernando Rus sent him that article in which I asked where Carmona was and why he had stopped writing for three months. "I was very nervous thinking you weren't alive."

Domingo Olivares, above all, is a great kid. “The person who had seen the longest in recent years could now be dead. I wrote quickly to Alfredo Varona, I told him in the park where you could be and the library where you went. Then, I was very happy, knowing that people were going to help you. ”

Domingo Olivares must continue to be listened to and continue to stand up. "I thought that you slept in the Arganzuela Endowment Center, and since you always came to the library with a good presence, you did not live on the street. Now I think about it and I regret not having spoken to you directly before. But it seemed to me that you preferred to preserve your privacy as concentrated as ever on your laptop. ”

Sometimes the head spins many times: too many.

Now, Domingo Olivares does nothing but think about all that. “I feel like there are a lot of people like Joaquín Carmona living on the street. I feel that they are people who make the world better from anonymity and that it is necessary to help them. ”

Domingo Olivares breathes easy at the end of this letter. "Yesterday, everyone echoed the news. It was one of the happiest days of my life. Knowing that the world was going to help you filled me with joy. I was talking to my family all day to share my satisfaction. "

Domingo Olivares is the 26-year-old who would like, "when I return to Madrid to have the opportunity to speak with you, Joaquín, to recover that conversation we never had."

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