News : "I will tell him not to dedicate himself to athletics"

News :

"I will tell him not to dedicate himself to athletics"

Bolt, in a competing stock image / AFP

Surreal how the world has found out about birth of the first offspring of Usain Bolt, the best sprinter in history and, for many, the best athlete ever. The Jamaican, now retired at 33, has had a girl with his partner, Kasi Benett. It was on January 23 when they announced that they were going to be parents and this past Sunday the little girl was born.

The Prime Minister "communicates" it

The most curious thing is that neither Bolt himself nor the baby's mother were responsible for revealing the birth, but it was the Prime Minister of Jamaica Andrew Holness himself who was responsible for making it public on social networks with the message "Congratulations to our 'sprint' legend Usain Bolt and Kasi Bennett on the arrival of their girl. "

In this way, the world man recordman ’of the 100 and 200 smooth has finally descendants. We do not know if he will inherit the innate talent about his father's tartan, but we do know that Usain made reference to it a few months ago, specifically during the SuperBowl dispute in Miami. “That is going to be difficult for my children. If you want to do it, that's fine with me. But initially I am going to tell them not to do it, because I know the pressure that will come with it, ”he assured of the option that his offspring follow in his footsteps.

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