News : “I will win more as a hare than as a champion of Spain”

News : “I will win more as a hare than as a champion of Spain”

Mariano García, after winning in 800 in Vallehermoso / EFE

Mariano García starred in the 800 test of the Spanish Championship in a race that It was worth to him to proclaim himself champion ahead of which many pointed as favorite Álvaro de Arriba. The Murcian did not arrive a priori at his best, who had not returned in his maximum splendor after confinement according to the results harvested in an atypical summer. But here what counts is getting on D-Day and H-Hour well and in that Garcia is an ace.

He started the motorcycle and in an epic finish he reached the finish line two tenths before Javier Mirón and three tenths before De Arriba. He was exultant after winning at the Vallehermoso Stadium in this multi-venue Spanish Championship groundbreaking that was carried out by the coronavirus crisis. García stopped the clock at 1.47.55, he did not get close to his personal best but it is already known that in these appointments the strategy prevails.

A hare Doha from 1,500

In a later interview offered to La Verdad de Murcia, Mariano analyzes that victory and talks about other aspects. For example, the invitation he has received to act as a hare at the prestigious Diamond League meeting that will be held in Doha on September 25. “On Sunday I took the bike out and I was myself again. The tactic was very clear. Hold on and in the last 100 meters put my change on fire and pass them. At 20 meters I looked and knew I was a champion. I had something left inside and it could have beaten my personal best. I stayed at 30 hundredths. But it is the same. The championships are to make medals, and do not mark ”.

“I transform when a Spanish Championship arrives. I had been feeling better for several weeks and it is now when my peak of form goes up. I’m going to finish the season very well. The month and a half that we were locked up at home due to the coronavirus, it killed me, ”he adds. “I’m going to be a hare in 1,500. I have to do the first 1,000 meters in a while and help great champions to break their records and even go for the world record. It is a pride, I am the second Murcian who goes to the Diamond League, after Sergio López was last year with the 4 × 100 relay.


The most significant reflection comes by referring to what you are going to charge. “This charges well, yes. I am going to earn more money there, for being a hare in Doha, than for being champion of Spain ”.

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