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Ice hockey - "Instinct is easy as an athlete" - sport

A call to ice hockey player Markus Eberhardt, who does not fear physical contact in everyday life: He prevented a burglar from escaping.

Interview by Raphael Späth

Markus Eberhardt, 25, is a hockey professional. In summer, after four years with the Heilbronn hawks, he changed to the Tölzer Löwen within the DEL 2. However, he is now known not only as a hockey player. If Sat.1 were to produce the "Bull of Tölz", Markus Eberhardt would have made a guest appearance: at the beginning of July he stopped a burglar in civilian flight on the run, meanwhile the suspect is in custody with his accomplice. Eberhardt was honored by the police in Aalen now for his performance.

SZ: Mr Eberhardt, you have been active not only as a defender on the ice, but also in the fight against crime. How did that happen?

Markus Eberhardt: That was pure coincidence. At the moment I am finishing my apprenticeship at Heilbronn main sponsor, a car dealership. During working hours I had to drive to the partner car house in neighboring Waiblingen at the beginning of July. When I was standing at a red light I saw two people lying on the ground and two policemen pointing the gun at them. Suddenly the two guys jump up and run right in my direction. In the affect, I then simply got out and beat the first to the ground. But that did not impress him - he got up and kept running. I followed him until he ran out of steam at a parking lot and I pushed him into a car until the plainclothes cop came after me.

How did your ice hockey experience help you?

In ice hockey we are often a bit more brutal; you are not afraid to seek physical contact. That helped me in any case. I was not afraid of the burglars or the fact that they are older and taller than me. You do not think about it at the moment. In hindsight, yes, but not in the meantime.

This week, two other athletes were attacked by Mesut Özil and Sead Kolasinac criminals. Kolasinac dared to get out of the car and drove off the armed men with his bare hands. Are athletes just really good policemen?

I do not know exactly. In any case, one has this instinct to act as an athlete in the blood. Whether it's ice hockey, football or any other sport, we need to make the right decisions quickly, and the faster you get, the higher-class you'll play, regardless of the sport. And that's exactly what we've been training for our entire sports life.

Do you believe in destiny?

Definitely. I had applied shortly before the incident for a training place at the police in Munich, but at that time already all seats were occupied. But I did not want to stop hockey yet, and the hiring advisor told me to try it again in 2021. And not two months later, something like that happens to me. The letter that I received from the Chief Constable of the Police further substantiates this application.

Do you have a better chance of getting an apprenticeship?

Yes, that was already said to me in advance. The police headquarters Aalen has already called in Munich and described the case exactly. Now this incident has also triggered a small wave in public. I think I have already phoned 14 reporters in the last two days.

How do you spend your time until your next application?

I will definitely play two more professional ice hockey seasons. In 2021, I will apply in parallel to the police, and then it depends on whether I pass the recruitment tests. Before I know for sure that I have a training place safe, I do not stop with ice hockey.

What do you do if you are not accepted by the police?

That's a good question. I would definitely stay with ice hockey first. However, there is never a plan for me B. I have to do it, done. That's the hockey mentality in me: with my head through the wall, throwing in everything I have. Others of my age probably play in the league at the age of 40 - but I also think long term about my professional life after my career.

If you had to decide: Would you rather stop the strikers on the ice or the burglars on the street?

First the striker and from 2021 then the burglars.

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