News : Ice hockey World Cup: Draisaitl does not travel to – Kahun strengthens the DEB team

News : Ice hockey World Cup: Draisaitl does not travel to – Kahun strengthens the DEB team

Ice hockey World Cup: Draisaitl does not travel to the World Cup – Kahun strengthens the DEB team in Latvia

Ice hockey superstar Leon Draisaitl will not travel to Latvia for the World Cup and support the DEB team. The NHL player was previously eliminated from the playoffs with the Edmonton Oilers. But teammate Dominik Kahun is strengthening the German polar bears.

The German national ice hockey team is currently thrilling at the World Cup in Latvia and started the tournament with three wins. Ice hockey power Canada also had to admit defeat to the DEB team of national coach Toni Söderholm.

And all without the biggest superstar in the team: Leon Draisaitl. Last season’s MVP in the NHL was still in demand in the playoffs with his team Edmonton Oilers. But the Canadian team was eliminated against the Winnipeg Jets last night.

Draisaitl cancels the DEB team, Kahun is coming

Therefore, not least, the national coach gave hope for a reinforcement of Draisaitl at the World Cup. “We have made contact with Leon and are waiting for us to get the decision,” said Söderholm on Tuesday afternoon at “Sport1”. “It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience and every player who can help us is interesting. But nothing has been decided yet, we’ll have to wait for the next few hours.”

Now the decision has been made: Draisaitl will not travel to Riga for the World Cup. The DEB has now officially announced this. But his Oilers teammate Dominik Kahun has strengthened the team. The 25-year-old center will also be an asset to the team.

DEB President Franz Reindl enthused: “Dominik Kahun will give our national team, which caused an ice hockey euphoria at the start of the tournament with outstanding and inspiring performances, even more depth and speed in a few days. For Leon Draisaitl I am sorry that he cannot be there this time, we fully understand that. “

DEB coach Söderholm is looking forward to Kahun

Söderholm is also looking forward to his new player: “With his speed, his technical skills and the NHL experience, he can give our game another special element.”

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Kahun could get on the plane immediately after the playoffs, but Draistail would not be able to leave immediately. “So we decided together that he would not go to Latvia,” said Söderholm. Apparently Draisaitl lacked the strength this time after a stressful season and the great disappointment. “The mental burden is insane with Leon,” said Reindl of the German press agency. The 66-year-old had previously speculated that Kahun’s chances of a trip to Latvia were greater: “He’s probably fresher mentally.”

The DEB team surprisingly beat Canada 3-1 last time and leads the group B table after three wins in a row. The next opponent is Kazakhstan, who suffered their first tournament defeat against the USA (3-0) on Tuesday afternoon.

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