News : “If I lose the gold I will go home and I will not run the 3,000”

News : “If I lose the gold I will go home and I will not run the 3,000”

Jakob, during the final of 1,500 / EA

Jakob Ingebrigtsen was clearly upset with the decision of the judges to disqualify him and, consequently, take away the gold in the 1,500 final of the European Championship in Torun. The Norwegian, who had been imposed with solvency ahead of Lewandowski and Jesús Gómez, silver and bronze, has stepped outside the cones in a curve after a incident with the Polish Rozmys and the judges have applied rule TR17.3.2. The Norwegian team has claimed ‘ipso facta’ claiming that Jakob steps on the outside due to the blow with Rozmys’ elbow, which stumbles him and leaves him no other option.

After the final, Ingebrigtsen commented that “the decision is still being processed. If it holds up and I lose the gold, I think I want to go home. I don’t know if I will race tomorrow given this situation, because the 1500 meters was my main objective ”. The youngest of the Ingebrigtsen has added that “The rules are on my side. There is a paragraph that says if you are pushed off the track and it is not your fault then it is OK. I don’t feel like I did anything wrong, there were too many riders in the race. We spoke with Rozmys and nobody tried to get the other one out. “

The disqualification causes Lewandowski to become European champion, Gómez silver and Fontes bronze.

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