News : "Ignacio Fontes, the promise of athletics" That pressure does not affect me as before …

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"Ignacio Fontes, the promise of athletics" That pressure does not affect me as before ...

Ignacio Fontes comes from achieving a national record sub'23

During the confinement and these months that have followed it, so much has happened. The majority of athletes encountered a very harsh reality, without material to train, locked up at home, without competitions (and the income that this entails losing) and with the logical lack of motivation. There were many who decided to take advantage and make a break. It was not the case of Ignacio Fontes, who trained like never before so as not to lose everything he had shown and grown in the first part of the season on the indoor track and who has returned as a true boar. We chatted with him after marveling in recent weeks (best Spanish sub'23 brand at 1,000 inclusive).

Not slowing down good form

“I had just had a very, very good winter, I had done 3:38 twice, and I faced the second part of the season with great optimism, with great ambition. I was lucky to get a treadmill that the Holmes Place gymnasium in Granada lent me and the truth is that I did not lose a day. As there were no competitions, he was training from Monday to Sunday until they let us out. I worked a lot on the aerobic base, maybe at other times you can't work it as much. As we did not know exactly what was going to happen, we said to make a long base and when they let us out we will be planning the subject of competitions ”.

“When I left the house I surprised myself because my legs were going off on the set. When we returned to Nerja, the truth is that I surprised myself, doing 3:40 and doing it the way I did. I am happy and now, even though everything is in check, I want to continue with the progression that I had this winter and show myself that I have improved and that I am a better athlete than this winter and that next year there are Games and I want to be in the team ”.

An exciting return

“At the beginning, and also when they began to say that they were postponing the Games, Europeans, we were already coming from the postponed winter World Cup; At first it was a bit harsh, but I said to myself: “We are going to work what is in my power, train. I can't afford to stand for two or three monthsIt is worse than being injured and my progression would have stopped ”. I have worked to be where I am and I was not going to bother him ”.

“Nerja is close to home, since I was little I compete there, there is a lot of tradition. It brings back good memories of my beginnings and starting over there was nice. In 1500 we were many Andalusians who knew each other. I give a 10 to that day ”.

The pressure of being the great promise

“It is true that we are a generation (Adri Ben, Jordi Torrent, Pablo Valladares) that I think we have pushed each other; a healthy rivalry that ends off the track. Some pressure may be, but I think more in junior. But I didn't have the maturity that I have now and that pressure from "Ignacio Fontes, the promise of athletics, from the middle ground". He told me I had to get down from 3:40. I think now that pressure doesn't affect me so much like a couple of years ago, now I use it to motivate myself. Now I have been European champion and I have to aspire a little higher ”.

One more year for Tokyo

“I think this bonus year is good; Although in winter I was very well on the way and I think what I did on deck would be equivalent to 3:34 highs, waving the minimum. He told me that in summer he should be close if the injuries respected, but it was a bit fair. Then there were Kevin, Jesus, Adel, you wish they are not older and have more experience. Now if this summer I can continue to mature and improve the brand I think it will be a point in my favor. One more year in the backpack than in the 1,500 much is appreciated ”.

“This year they have put the two forms of classification, by brand and by points. Today Jesus and I were for points and Kevin and Adel for marks. I think that whoever wants to go will have to be in the Olympic minimum from what I am seeing. Jesus without a doubt as soon as he takes a good race he will do it, Kevin will repeat it and I imagine that Adel will too. Then there are Adri, Enric Guerrero. We will have to be around 3.34 then work hard at the end of the race. For example, Jesus already showed it in Orense with 800 meters to go, he started to put laps at 27-28 seconds, he has an incredible ability to change rhythm. Kevin comes from 800 and can destroy you and Adel can still put a long change and hurt you. Being in that brand but then working hard at the end of the race because I think we are going to play the place in the Spanish Championship.

Challenges for the future

"Right now ahead on August 24 I will run a 1,500 in Castellón and then on September 3 a 1,500 in Marseille, then the clubs and the Spanish championship on September 12 in Madrid."

How do you combine athletics with your medical career?

“Sometimes worse than I would like because there are other races where you don't have to put in so many hours. Many times I have to do without going to class and go to the library in the morning and be self-taught. Luckily I have good friends in the career who help me, there in the faculty you can also buy the notes, the practices I must go mandatory. But it is that in the afternoon I have to train and then in the morning I usually go to the library. Sometimes I do a gym before going in the morning. In exam time I take advantage and train in the mornings and study from lunchtime until the body endures. And so day after day "

“I can say that I really liked the biosantiary field, but I didn't really know what to do. As I could do whatever degree I wanted, I thought that medicine could have more outlets. I got in and I have liked it more as the years have passed. To this day I would like to practice, but I think that when I finish the six courses I would like dedicate myself to professional athletics and later do the MIR. I think it is not compatible. I imagine that maybe at 30 and a few years old, I will surely leave athletics and start working because it is a career that has made me fall in love. But I still have a lot to give I think ”.

Train with a level group in a CAR

"Right now right now I don't see myself in the need to leave. It is true that in a CAR with a group of a higher level it has its benefits. But used to Granada, with my family, a small city, I have not seen myself in need. Things are also going well for me, maybe if I started to go bad it would be an escape route to change coach and group, but I am very comfortable right now in Granada, with my training group, who have become almost my brothers. I have my friends who help me to disconnect, I try to forget it when I meet them and they even scold me when I do not tell them things about racing and such. I think it benefits me how I live today.

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