News : III King of the Popular, where running fast is not an option

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III King of the Popular, where running fast is not an option

One more year and for the third consecutive year, a new edition of one of the fastest races in the national territory returns. Is about King of the Popular, an event that promises to be a classic in the popular runner's calendar.

The test will take place next November 17 in Alcobendas (Madrid), leaving from Avenida de la Ilusión (Fuentelucha), coinciding with the highest point of the town and arrival in Arroyo de la Vega, lowest point of Alcobendas.

It is a novel circuit, in which the organizers of the event have achieved that Participating runners can fly (literally) on the asphalt. Proof of this are the more than 100 meters of negative slope that accumulates its route. The route of this test is approved by the RFEA so you can make your personal mark in races as marked as the San Silvestre Vallecana, improving your initial position in terms of the starting drawers.

Here you can see the altimetry and career profile. The organization has a maximum of 2,000 bibs for this event to ensure the safety of the corridors and that there are no crowds, especially in the first meters of the exit, despite the fact that it has a wide avenue of 8 meters.

The race will feature the following categories both male and female.

  • - Absolute
  • - Senior (16 - 34 years old)
  • - Veteran A (35 - 44 years old)
  • - Veteran B (45 - 54 years old)
  • - Veteran C (from 55 onwards)

You can register on the website until November 14 or until the 2,000 bibs that the organization has for this race run out.

According to the organizers, they plan to reach the limit of registered before the end of November. In addition, part of the registration money will go to the "Life in Pink" foundation, which fights against breast cancer. If you doubt about registering or not, it is possible that the bibs, like the runners on November 17, fly ...

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